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DDraceNetwork (DDNet) is an actively maintained version of DDRace, a Teeworlds modification with a unique cooperative gameplay. Help each other play through custom maps with up to 64 players, compete against the best in international tournaments, design your own maps, or run your own server. The official servers are around the world. All ranks made on official servers are available worldwide and you can collect points!


Download DDraceNetwork Client & Server 17.0.3

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DDNet Statistics with Datasette


Thanks to Ryozuki DDNet’s database now has a Datasette instance running. It is updated daily, you can run your own queries on our official database and explore the data graphically. You can share interesting queries you generate.

Happy Belated New Year 2023 with a Photoshoot Event!


Thanks to louis we have a “DDNet New Year Photoshoot 2023” server again with a fresh map for 2023! Also thanks to TsFreddie for the server modification. Everyone can join the New Year Photshoot server running now to be part of the community photo! Check out last year’s result too.

You can use these links to join the server directly:

Best Maps of 2022 Poll


Happy new year everyone!

Our entire DDNet team would like to wish you all a warm and safe journey throughout 2023. DDNet grew again massively this year and we welcomed many newcomers to the community. We hope that you will all continue enjoying your time on DDNet while we continue to serve the community and find new ways to enrich your experience in 2023.

Here’s to an awesome 2023!

What were your favorite maps of 2022? bencie made the effort to set up a voting system for all maps released in 2022. There’s a poll for each difficulty, including a separate category for the Advent of DDNet 2022 Event!

We look forward to seeing what new creations our community will make this year!

Advent of DDNet 2022 Recap


DDNet ran the Advent of DDNet 2022 for the first time this year. The event just ended and the results are out! I hope everyone had fun playing these maps, got to see new parts of DDNet and met new people in the community.

This was a spontaneous idea by heinrich5991, which we started implementing in the evening before December 1. Huge thanks to our testing co-leader Pipou for modifying maps for the event! Thanks to Patiga for the map scaling, mirroring, and rotating tools, thanks to louis and nothing for helping with picking maps!

Special Maps

Let’s look at what we did for the last 24 days:


Everyone on DDNet was invited to play, we selected one map per day specially for this event. We started on December 1 with the most popular map on DDNet ever, Multeasymap (> 820.000 finishes already) to get as many players to participate in the event as possible. Then we went to play some great but less popular maps to introduce them to our many new players. Some maps had variations like being rotated or mirrored.

On day 10 started the time of Pipou putting in a crazy amount of effort into modifying maps:

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Adrenaline 5, an absolutely insane and insanely faily map, was cut by Pipou into two parts with kill tiles being replaced with teleport tiles. Initially we had the map released in its entirety on December 10, but after realizing that it was too long, cut it into two parts and released the second part a week later. This required adding a finish tile using gdb on the already running servers, so that players could finish in the middle of the map already. Thanks to heinrich5991 for helping out with this.

Screenshot Screenshot

On day 11 we played Tinyhold, a shrunk down version of the most popular Brutal map Stronghold

Screenshot Screenshot

Our next variation was day 13 with AiP-Bores, a variation of the popular Gores map AiP-Gores with larger tiles as well as hookable swapped with unhookable and in reverse.

Screenshot Screenshot

On day 15 we got Not Really Yo’Ci, an easier variation of the Insane map Yo’Ci.

Screenshot Screenshot

On day 16 this was followed by 2 Days in the back, another easier variation, this time of Back in the days 2.

Screenshot Screenshot

On day 18 Arctic Festivity made an entrance as an easier Arctic Frost variation with special presents. Thanks to Voxel for helping Pipou out here!

Screenshot Screenshot

On day 19 we got xyzyx, a modified version of the classic xyz_ddrace2 with telegun weapon.

Screenshot Screenshot

On day 21 our testing co-leader Ravie came out with Slippy Slide Up his slippery variation of one of the most popular Novice maps, Sunny Side Up.

Screenshot Screenshot

Knuski and Patiga then delivered the present of run_guys_25 on December 23, making the classic run_guy_25 more interesting, large and team-playable!

Number of Finishes

Let’s compare the number of finishes against how the map did before December 1, and for modified maps how the original map did in that time:

Day Advent Map Advent Finishes Daily Finishes before Factor Original Map
1 Multeasymap 1555 1001.8 1.6  
2 Dubush 712 3.5 205.6  
3 Sincera 2 1853 133.4 13.9  
4 Exit 661 3.2 206.6  
5 Maui Wowie 1214 23.7 51.3  
6 Intothenight 536 2.1 259.0  
7 Volt180° 655 46.1 14.2 Volt
8 TsinmaS 783 1.9 422.1  
9 Orange 2 292 1.3 231.9  
10 Adrenachill 5 Part 1 210 0.03 8171.2 Adrenaline 5
11 Tinyhold 861 8.6 100.2 Stronghold
12 Zap 863 6.2 139.8  
13 AiP-Bores 1275 15.7 81.1 AiP-Gores
14 Supernova 290 2.3 128.9  
15 Not Really Yo'Ci 1057 0.1 11930.0 Yo'Ci
16 2 Days in the back 511 0.8 630.7 Back in the days 2
17 Adrenachill 5 Part 2 322 0.03 12529.2 Adrenaline 5
18 Arctic Festivity 1176 0.3 3853.2 Arctic Frost
19 xyzyx 6504 15.4 422.5 xyz_ddrace2
20 DaoYu 350 41.6 8.4  
21 Slippy Slide Up 3957 742.8 5.3 Sunny Side Up
22 Pranki 295 2.6 112.9  
23 run_guys_25 909 7.3 125.1 run_guy_25
24 Snow Problem 503 8.5 59.0  

Going all the Way

Since you got 10 points for each finished map, most likely everyone with 240 or more points finished every map:

1.339 pointsBrokecdx-
1.339 pointsparadise
3.321 pointsStepfunn
4.314 pointsExotix
5.312 pointsNishi
6.281 points:0
7.273 pointsColo-Colo
8.264 pointsCipy29
9.261 pointsCor
10.252 pointskastos pastos
11.249 pointsiTom
12.245 pointsHav
13.243 pointsSteinchen
14.242 pointsPhoenix
14.242 pointsZwelf
16.240 pointsDraggory
16.240 pointsSucre
16.240 pointsSweeeeet GM :>
16.240 pointsCammodude
16.240 pointsBertl
16.240 pointsIsera
16.240 pointsNilou
16.240 pointscx384
16.240 pointsGazebr
16.240 pointsdeen
16.240 pointsGlobQ
16.240 pointsRaculem
16.240 pointsEmp
16.240 pointsBaumWolle
16.240 pointsExit
16.240 pointstae

Congrats to the winners Brokecdx- & paradise!

Super Mario 64 in DDNet


DDNet community member and developer headshot2018 (also check out his fun Teeware modification) has combined Super Mario 64 and DDNet!

You can try it out on Github. Discussion on forum.

DDNet Funded for 2022


Thanks to all donors donating a total of 3253 € and sponsoring servers DDNet is now fully funded until the end of 2022!

I’m happy to announce we don’t take donations any more until next year! Thanks to everyone for donating money and time to make DDNet better!

Advent of DDNet 2022


DDNet is running an Advent of DDNet event starting tomorrow until the last door opens on December 24:

Finish the (already released) map behind each door on the assigned day to land on the leaderboard. Doors are opened at 00:00 CET and have to be finished within 24 hours. Best finish time gets 20 points, second 19 points and so on with a minimum of 10 points just for finishing. The points are accumulated for the entire time from December 1 to December 24 and don’t count outside of this event. The results will be available on the results page.

Thanks to heinrich5991 for the idea for this event!

Tournament #62: Behemoth 2 by Pulsar, Ravie & Sorah


It’s time for the fourth tournament of the year! We will play the brand-new Brutal (★★★★★) map Behemoth 2 by Pulsar, Ravie & Sorah:

The Tournament will be played on Sunday, October 30 at 18:00 CET (summer time end on same day!) on special Tournament servers in every DDNet location! No one has seen the map yet and the first finish will win!

Thanks to Pipou for testing the map! Discussion on the forum. The results will later be available on the Tournament page.

Tournament #61: Strategic Paraplegic by Soapy Sandwich & Jimmy Jazz


It’s time for the third tournament of the year! We will play the brand-new Brutal (★★★✰✰) map Strategic Paraplegic by Soapy Sandwich & Jimmy Jazz:

The Tournament will be played on Sunday, September 4 at 20:00 CEST on special Tournament servers in every DDNet location! No one has seen the map yet and the first finish will win! The map can only be played in 2-player teams and requires real players, not dummy.

Thanks to louis for testing the map! Discussion on the forum. The results will later be available on the Tournament page.