Client Features

  • DDNet page with all DDNet servers, filterable by country (by east)
  • All settings saved in settings_ddnet.cfg instead of settings.cfg
  • Cut demos into parts and save them (by east)
  • Old gun holding position
  • cl_overlay_entities (0-100) instead of cl_show_entities
  • More colors in serverbrowser (thanks to NooBxGockeL & GamerClient)
  • Feature: Inputs always work in freeze (on any DDRace server)
  • Dummy for all servers, including hammerfly with dummy:
  • How to hookfly with dummy: Hold the keys for hook and run and switch. Use hammerfly toggle key to make your dummy hook and stop hooking:
  • Show key presses (by unsigned char*)
  • Auto-Updater
  • Auto-Reconnect (by CookieMichal)
  • A new DDNet start line (ddnet-start.png)
  • Walls and automapper for them by Broken
  • bind s +showhookcoll to see where hook will hit exactly
  • Official DDNet Tiles by 645654 & Phacrum
  • Display teams in scoreboard
  • Render players in other teams half transparent (/showothers)
  • Better and faster server list refresh (by Pata94)
  • 64 player client (initial work by eeeee)
  • More advanced automapper rules and some for ddnet-tiles, round-tiles, grass_main (Freeze, Unfreeze, Tele) and fadeout
    Source (set by mapper)
    Automapped (grass_main)
    Automapped (fadeout)
    Automapped (round-tiles)
  • Maps load 30 times faster than in DDRace client
  • AntiPing (Prediction for grenades and other tees)
  • More friends and favorites
  • Better looking entities to play with
  • Vote window gets moved to scoreboard after you voted
  • Map using extended teleports and our other new features
  • Zoom out in all mods (not just Race and DDRace) when you're a spectator
  • Disable sound notification for server messages
  • Disable quads for weaker computers, annoying map backgrounds, or to zoom out nicely in maps
  • Set a map's background color
  • More responsive with cl_refresh_rate