📄 Mapping Rules

If you want your map to be released on DDNet, you must follow these rules. Before you submit your map on DDNet Discord, make sure it is already thoroughly tested by you and your friends, parts work smoothly, and the design is finished!

🎮 Gameplay general rules

1. Start and finish line

  • 1.1 Start line
    • No startline skips. All tees have to cross the startline.
  • 1.2 Finish line
    • You must allow the finish line to be reachable from the winner room so that a team may still finish if the last one dies. Make sure players have a chance to help others after finishing.

2. Time CPs

  • Your map must have time CPs (index 35-59). They compare your current race time with your record time at a same checkpoint when crossing them.

3. Bugs

  • Ensure that your map doesn't include any of the listed bugs.

4. Functional gameplay

  • Your start area should be big enough for at least 10 players to start. Also, Make sure to place multiple map spawns off the ground. **
  • Small part skips are permitted, provided they do not undermine the intended purpose of the part.
  • ** Does not apply to Solo maps.

5. Fake tiles

  • Don't use any "fake entities". Players have to be able to fully understand a map when using overlay entities. This also includes easter eggs.

6. Marking

  • Every entity that the player should know about should likewise be clearly marked with a visible tile.

7. Naming your map

  • You should make sure that your map's name isn't similar to an existing map on DDNet. Check the availabilities at Map search.

🗃️ Server Type Rules

👶 Novice maps

  • Faily parts should be rare in Novice maps.
  • Novice maps should not contain any faily solo parts.

👴 Oldschool maps

  • The map is finishable.
  • The map doesn't contain big cheats leading to 20-100% of the map being cheated.
  • The difficulty isn't unbalanced.
  • There are no visual bugs. Every tile has to be marked properly. Fix color issues (clashing or bright colors).

♿ Dummy maps

  • Make sure deepfly is off unless it's necessary to complete the map (if the gameplay revolves around the use of deepfly). Inside the editor, go to "Server settings" and write "sv_deepfly 0". Deepfly allows you to fly with your dummy, even if he's deep frozen; therefore it can lead to cheats.
  • Verify that the deep isn't skippable. Look at our current dummy maps to see how it's done properly.
  • Add an unlock team tile before the player has to kill their dummy so that the actual player isn't killed as well.
  • Make sure that you can't reach the finish line with the dummy. Team ranks are not allowed.

🏁 Race maps

    DDNet is focused around DDRace but we host a few race maps.

  • Before posting it on DDNet, ensure that the map doesn't already exist on Unique. **
  • Race maps can only use Race tiles, thus contain the following tiles: hookable, unhookable, teleport, kill, grenade, time CPs, start and finish line.
  • ** Unique is a Race community and we do not intend to compete with them. Occasionally, we allow a few rare but good race maps to provide players with the opportunity to discover and enjoy such content, as our community is dispersed across the world, unlike Unique.

🚀 Solo maps

  • "sv_solo_server 1" must be set as map setting.
  • Spawn, totele and ctotele tiles must be placed on the ground. Only place 1 spawn and only 1 totele or ctotele per tele.
  • Noob filters are forbidden.

🎉 Fun maps

  • Those maps do not need to contain a start and a finish line, nor time CPs.