DDNet 18.3

  • [Client] Add confetti particles on finish [louis]
  • [Client] Add team0mode indicator [BlaiZephyr & Insanity]
  • [Client] Show percentage of loaded rcon commands [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Fix truncated scoreboard recording notification [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Keep respawned players in multi view list on pvp servers [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Add cl_showhud_time_cp_diff
  • [Client] Fix console search highlighting [Learath2]
  • [Client] Fix potential client crash and console not keeping scrolling position when console backlog is full [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Add option to show only messages by team members [yrrrmmbl]
  • [Client] Fix smoke particles sometimes being stuck inside solid tiles [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix language file being loaded twice when starting, improve error handling for invalid translation files [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Prevent UI elements from being hovered while key reader is active [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix segfault when swapchain images change (e.g. toggling Vsync) [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix demo seekbar tooltip not shown while seekbar is active, fix demo seekbar being activated by held button press [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Android build improvements [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix wrong file extension being removed in demo cut popup [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix potential client crash and console not keeping scrolling position when console backlog is full [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Video recorder: improve error handling and log messages, fix crashes [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix wrong server address used in password popup when redirected [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix OOB accesses rendering ghosts, fix ghost hook collision line [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix crashes and memory leaks related to editor map sounds and opus file decoding [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix inconsistent behavior of scrollbars, key readers, edit boxes, value selectors and editor sound seekbars [Robyt3]
  • [Client+Server] Use network tokens in big-endian byte order consistently [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Add /rescuemode [gerdoe-jr]
  • [Server] Add /practicecmdlist [furo321]
  • [Server] Add chat commands for toggling weapons in practice mode [ewancg]
  • [Server] Fix goto_tele not finding all teleporters [ChillerDragon]
  • [Server] Allow econ to succeed, even if ipv6 econ fails to bind to socket [hardliner66]
  • [Server] Store player names in teehistorian and Finish/TeamFinish v2 [Zwelf]
  • [Tooling] Add delta debug dump [ChillerDragon]
  • [Tooling] Also print external module/symbol names in [Robyt3]
  • [Tooling] Fix issues with map_create_pixelart [furo321]
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

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Old Versions

DDNet 18.2

  • [Client] Allow the vote creator to cancel the vote [dobrykafe]
  • [Client] Track country/type filters separately for internet/favorites tabs [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Add a "No Login required" filter [furo321]
  • [Server] Add /team0mode to have a team behave like team 0 [dobrykafe, furo321]
  • [Server] Fix freeze not working during first 50 server ticks [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Increase maximum number of favorite communities from 3 to 5 [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Improve layout of Appearance settings, overall settings menus and restart message [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Show completion options for bind key names in console [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Add sorting by number of friends to the server browser [dobrykafe]
  • [Client] Reset tuning of dummy and main when disconnecting [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Improve performance when rendering menus [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Show countdown message in player/tee settings for sv_info_change_delay [dobrykafe]
  • [Client] Add optional name argument to start_video command [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix prediction errors and incorrect rendering after changing map [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix tee briefly appearing at previous position when joining [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Show Discord activity when offline [dobrykafe]
  • [Client] Include more options in appearance settings [dobrykafe]
  • [Client] cl_nameplates_strong improvements [dobrykafe]
  • [Client] Take serverlist age into account when choosing master [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Fix race conditions in job state handling [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Disconnect when we get map change with invalid parameters [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Support overlapping scroll regions, always allow mouse scrolling [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix crash when the serverlist request fails [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Support clicking line color picker label to toggle checkbox [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix recursive folder creation with mixed slashes and drive letters [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix rcon username not reset when disconnecting while connecting [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Render loading popup also while loading demo files [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Update immediately when changing cl_background_entities [dobrykafe]
  • [Client] Fix demo player hotkeys not working when menu is inactive [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix incorrect score kind in demos depending on last server [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix alignment of labels in friends list [dobrykafe]
  • [Tools] Make script also useable on Windows with MSYS2 [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Editor: Make embedded image popup bigger at all times [dobrykafe]
  • [Editor] Fix crash when trying to select autorule with arrow keys [archimede67]
  • [Editor] Allow saving empty quads & sounds layers [archimede67]
  • [Editor] Fix crash when constructing some game tiles [archimede67]
  • [Editor] Fix envelope points not clickable after opening bezier popup [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix bug where certain tiles would not work in Game tiles menu [furo321]
  • [Server] Disallow /save on teams with practice enabled, teehistorian improvements [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Refresh air jumps after teleporting [murpi]
  • [Server] Fix freeze bar not being correct after returning from pause [furo321]
  • [Server] List all practice commands when enabling /practice [furo321]
  • [Server] Fix practice mode not resetting after disconnect on solo servers [dobrykafe]
  • [Server] Ensure commands executed via FIFO/ECon/LineReader are valid UTF-8 [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Improve /timecp chat command [dobrykafe, furo321]
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 18.1

  • [Client] Add tabs for favorite communities, separate country/type filters [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Better map settings input (autocompletion, validation) [archimede67]
  • [Client] Render loading message/indicator for vote options and rcon commands [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Add flag search in settings [bencie]
  • [Client] Add team-lock indicator to HUD [dobrykafe]
  • [Client] Use icons for Internet, LAN and Favorites server browser tabs, use star icon for favorite servers [Robyt3]
  • [Client] More efficient HTTP usage [Learath2]
  • [Client] Add time scale to debug graphs for constant scrolling speed [Robyt3]
  • [Client/Server] Improve Windows logger, add virtual terminal support [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Show extra "Reset Filter" button when no servers match filter [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Ensure client window is maximized and active after restarting [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Random skin improvements [Teero888]
  • [Client] Improve voting HUD [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Keep console scrolling position during text selection [furo321]
  • [Client] Only write files when changed [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Show warnings after client close instead of preventing quitting [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix switch screen and blackscreen OpenGL + Window borderless [Peakies]
  • [Client] Add placeholder country/type for servers without community [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Don't show FPS during demo rendering [dobrykafe]
  • [Client] Validate skin names when loading [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Allow background jobs to be aborted [Robyt3]
  • [Client] save_replay improvements [dobrykafe]
  • [Client] Pick bg entities map without file extension [bencie]
  • [Client/Server] Search most fitting allocation, not first fitting [Jupeyy]
  • [Editor] Increase WASD pan speed while holding shift [ChillerDragon]
  • [Editor] Add "View" button to tele/switch drop down [ChillerDragon]
  • [Editor] Make "Clean up game tiles" undoable [archimede67]
  • [Editor] Allow finer grid [Ravie]
  • [Editor] Add parallax to layer selector [ChillerDragon]
  • [Editor] Add plus/minus buttons to numeric value selectors [bencie]
  • [Editor] Fix quads [archimede67]
  • [Editor] Fix FPS drop when editing tiles layer properties [archimede67]
  • [Server] Make chat command arguments case-insensitive [dobrykafe]
  • [Server] Add /tpxy to teleport to specific position [gerdoe-jr]
  • [Server] Fix 0.7 armor being snapped as health [ChillerDragon]
  • [Server] Small /practice improvements [furo321]
  • [Server] Show kill messages also for 0.7 clients [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Add /solo and /deep as practice commands [bencie]
  • [Server] Expire team invites on player disconnect [dobrykafe]
  • [Server] Respond to vital pings with vital pongs [heinrich5991]
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 18.0.3

  • [Client] Community server filter instead of DDNet/KoG tabs [Robyt3 & heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Add finish info messages [furo321]
  • [Client] Editable chat size and width [archimede67]
  • [Client] Console: Scroll, search (ctrl-f), argument autocompletion [archimede67 & furo321]
  • [Editor] Undo/Redo [archimede67]
  • [Editor] Improved quad handling [archimede67]
  • [Editor] Color palette and pipette [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Add /join [player] to join a player's team [furo321]
  • [Client] Improve performance when rendering text [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Multi-view: Don't zoom below cl_default_zoom [dobrykafe]
  • [Client] Save current chat input when pressing up [archimede67]
  • [Client] Better prediction margin updates [trml]
  • [Client] Count deaths in statboard [furo321]
  • [Client] Quote names with spaces when auto-completing names in commands [furo321]
  • [Client] Config manager improvements [Learath2]
  • [Client] Validate filenames and network packets [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix votes with timeout over 60 seconds not being shown [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Better key reader button in settings [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Render the tee being spectated after everyone else [furo321]
  • [Client] Validate favorite skin name [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Better text line spacing and console text selection [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix automatic hammer on release with cl_dummy_control [MrBlubberBut]
  • [Client] Restart button when game needs to restart to apply settings [dobrykafe]
  • [Client] Improve performance of sounds [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Improve graphics performance by copying less data [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Improve player/tee settings [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix wrong selection in vote menu when selected player leaves [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix hook collision line when paused [furo321]
  • [Client] Improved text outlines [Ravie]
  • [Editor] Differentiate between normal and checkpoint teles [archimede67]
  • [Editor] Editor buttons rework [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Allow resize of layers panel [archimede67]
  • [Editor] Shift-scroll to adjust special tile numbers [archimede67]
  • [Editor] Don't duplicate images when appending [apelsin21]
  • [Editor] Warn about unused tiles [archimede67]
  • [Editor] Better text rendering in tele tiles [archimede67]
  • [Editor] Allow panning outside initial container [archimede67]
  • [Server] Add /tp x y to teleport to coordinates [ewancg]
  • [Server] Improve server-side auto demos [furo321]
  • [Server] Add Sv_CommandInfo netmsg for autocompletion of chat commands [furo321]
  • [Server] sv_vote_kick_delay fixes [furo321]
  • [Server] Antibot improvements [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Dynamically connect/disconnect debug dummies [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Apply name bans to clans [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Stop recording of demos on shutdown [furo321]
  • [Server] Group list messages [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Fix happy birthday broadcast [swarfeya]
  • [Tools] Fix crashes on unknown UUID-based map items [Robyt3]
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 17.4.2

  • [Client] Graphics: Zoom out without lags [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add streamer mode to avoid leaks [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Indicate AFK status in friends list and info tab [Voxel]
  • [Client] Overhaul demo browser UI [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Ghost improvements (256 simultaneous ghosts!) [furo321]
  • [Tools] Add demo_extract_chat tool [dobrykafe]
  • [Client] Don't disable practice mode on death [furo321]
  • [Client] Prediction for laser doors [trml]
  • [Client] cl_show_direction 3 to show local keypresses only [dobrykafe]
  • [Client] Improve IME window position on multi-line text [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Delay server race demo ending by 1 second [furo321]
  • [Client] Add mode selection to color picker popups [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Implement cl_sub_tick_aiming (not enabled on official servers) [JSaurusRex]
  • [Client] Increase freeview radius to kill tile border [furo321]
  • [Client] Detect server no longer running when started from client [furo321]
  • [Client] Resize screen when changing resolution in console [furo321]
  • [Client] Improve winter theme [furo321]
  • [Client] Update server browser when adding friend ingame [furo321]
  • [Client] Fix 1-tick delay of values in HUD [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix doubleclick handling with old renderer [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Correctly update auth keys when using auth_remove [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Ensure strings in demo header are zero-terminated and valid UTF-8 [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix large FPS drop rendering server details of favorite server [Robyt3]
  • [Client+Server] Old file handling on Windows again [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Make Gamemode get enabled when playing DDNet in macOS [M0REKZ]
  • [Client] Show player's latency if menu is open [furo321]
  • [Client] Improve performance of menus checker background, improve server browser performance [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Don't use mouse position for angle if paused [furo321]
  • [Client] Support easter, halloween, xmas theme maps (no maps yet) [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Remove parallax zoom from map files [Patiga]
  • [Client] Save unknown commands from settings_ddnet.cfg [furo321]
  • [Editor] Stop/pause sound previews when leaving editor [dobrykafe]
  • [Editor] Add export image/sound buttons [Marmare314]
  • [Editor] Add project-onto operation for envelopes [Marmare314]
  • [Editor] Add numpad shortcuts for zooming in envelope editor [furo321]
  • [Editor] Support writing maps with more items/data [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Add votes command [furo321]
  • [Server] Swap without a name when team only has 2 players [furo321]
  • [Server] Move X amounts of tiles with left, right, up, down [furo321]
  • [Server] Add /lasttp to teleport to last position you did /tp to [furo321]
  • [Server] Fix dead reckoning [Learath2]
  • [Server] tele unfreeze and reset speed [Steinchen]
  • [Server] Quoted names in chat for team joins [ChillerDragon]
  • [Server] Save/load ninja [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Add sv_regional_rankings 0 [furo321]
  • [Server] Add freeze/unfreeze testing commands [Robyt3]
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 17.3

  • [Client] Automatic multi-view for players in team [Possseidon]
  • [Client] Indicator on pause/unpause in demo player [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Demo search bar [furo321]
  • [Client] Directly render cut to video [furo321]
  • [Client] Golden angle to generate unique team colors [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Overhauled demo player skipping UI [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Overhauled server browser filter/details/friends [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Color vote if you votes yes/no [furo321]
  • [Editor] Generate pixelart from images [Marmare314]
  • [Client] Improved default skin [louis]
  • [Client] Updated countryflags (GP, MN, MQ, MW, PY, RE)[JuralBOZO]
  • [Client] Improve dbg_tuning and other debug HUD [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Button to reload entities background [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Improve Windows pipe (FIFO) support [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix rendering long lines in console [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Disable prediction when game is paused [Kaffeine]
  • [Client] Fix long console commands help [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] Don't send empty chat messages [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] Fix crash with too many votes [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix crash using goto_tele [Robyt3]
  • [Client] macOS server launcher fix [M0REKZ]
  • [Client] No box selection when panning [Marmare314]
  • [Client] Detect server being stopped on Linux again [Teero888]
  • [Client] Release mouse for X11 when LLDB breakpoint is hit [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix camera zooming when exiting multiview [k-i-o & Vy0x2]
  • [Client] Fix lineinput selection cursor desync [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix chat history with cl_showchat 1 [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix countryflag scrolling [dobrykafe]
  • [Client] Fix chat clipping with OpenGL backend [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Improve skin cleaning [Jupeyy]
  • [Editor] ctrl+f to load map prompt [furo321]
  • [Editor] Move automap rule files to subfolder [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Progress spinner when saving [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Scaling for envelopes [Marmare314]
  • [Editor] Keep brush when loading another map [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix right-clicking envelope points [Marmare314]
  • [Editor] Warn about unsaved changes when dragging map file into game [dobrykafe]
  • [Editor] Fix envelope saving [Ravie]
  • [Server] Testing commands: unninja, solo, deep [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Fix 0.7 clients being able to join after slot change [ChillerDragon]
  • [Server] NO_SKIN_CHANGE_FOR_FROZEN game info flag [Kaffeine]
  • [Server] Fix everyone's swap getting reset [furo321]
  • [Server] Fix /load from backup database [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Fix scoreboard time reset when using /timecp [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Fix SQLite connection failure assertion [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Don't reigster to ipv6 when sv_ipv4only is enabled [furo321]
  • [Server] Record antibot events in teehistorian [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Record join events in teehistorian [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Shut down DB connection pool on errors
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 17.2.1

  • [Client] Multiview spectating [Vy0x2]
  • [Client] Improved font selection using fonts/index.json, updated fonts [Robyt3]
  • [Client] 100 times faster text rendering, better space use [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Add goto_switch and goto_tele commands [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Add Galician language [TormentaDeFacha, Mercadona & gu]
  • [Client] Select storage locations in demo browser [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Support bezier envelope curves in maps [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Zoomable envelope editor [Marmare314]
  • [Editor] Multiple selection in envelope editor, add grid, box selection [Marmare314]
  • [Client] Render message when qutting/restarting client [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Support ./DDNet "connect tw-0.6+udp://" [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Implement elasticity tuning values (ground_elasticity_x/y) [AssassinTee]
  • [Client] Execute CFGFLAG_GAME configs from map load on client [sjrc6]
  • [Client] No delay for direction arrows and aim line toggle [sjrc6]
  • [Client] Improve demo/video renderer UI [Kaffeine & Robyt3]
  • [Client] Connect to server faster [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix HUD weapons rendering [Kaffeine]
  • [Client] Make online clan friends removable [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix prediction of pickups [trml]
  • [Client] Fix text wrapping with long strings [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix enter in server browser [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix invalid texture crash in Vulkan [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Don't load RGB images [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Support selecting text in both consoles [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix emotes being shown for other tee [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Allow saving map which is running in server [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Show message when player is moved ingame [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Selectable quadpoints [Marmare314]
  • [Editor] Keep selection when moving layers [Marmare314]
  • [Editor] Use temporary file when saving map to prevent corruption [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Support deleting/renaming folders [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Perform sanity check and show errors when loading map [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix hookthrough not being fully removed when filling selection [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix crashes with popup menus [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Improve font scaling and ellipsis [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix hotkeys while editboxes are active [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix quadpoint selection, easier point selection [Marmare314]
  • [Editor] Fix inaccurate envelope calculation [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Set default name when saving map under new name or as copy [Robyt3]
  • [Server & Client] Allow server to redirect clients [ChillerDragon]
  • [Server] Separate log levels for each output (console/stdout_output_level) [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Fix killfeed for teams [Voxel]
  • [Server] Prevent /swap with paused players [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Fix crash with DNSBL [Zwelf]
  • [Tooling] Stack protector for MinGW Windows builds too [heinrich5991]
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 17.1.1

  • [Editor] Autosave copy of map periodically to auto folder (ed_autosave_interval, ed_autosave_max) [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Improved framerate consistency with cl_refresh_rate [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add prediction of draggers [trml]
  • [Client] "bind x" shows what command the key x runs [ArijanJ]
  • [Client] Fix switch prediction on solo server [trml]
  • [Client] Use icons for refresh and connect buttons in server browser [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Replace country server filter fullscreen popup with smaller popup [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Remove snd_rate and cl_threadsoundloading from settings menu [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Support dragging demo player controls to move them [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Show error instead of replacing existing demo when renaming [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Improve demo slice popup [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Add "No server selected" message to server details [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Show GPU info in asserts [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Improve color picker popups [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Improve scrollbar option UI and settings [Robyt3]
  • [Client] When all DDNet filter entries selected, deselect with right click [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix crash with binds
  • [Editor] Add play/stop button and duration label for sounds [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Make server settings editor height adjustable by dragging [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix filling switch layer not setting switch number 0 [Robyt3]
  • [Server&Client] Add logappend setting to keep growing tthe same log file (on by default)
  • [Server] Allow rcon users access to reserved slots (username:password) [Learath2 & heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Add /unsolo and /undeep practice commands [hus3h]
  • [Server] Fix crash with super
  • [Server] Fix crash with dbg_dummies [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Disallow multiple emotes in the same tick [Jupeyy]
  • [Server] Split emoticon sending into nearby and global players [Jupeyy]
  • [Server] Fix MySQL crashes
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 17.0.3

  • [Client] Condensed team killfeed [Voxel]
  • [Client] Improved friends list UI [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Improved line input and IME support [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Add proof mode for menu backgrounds [Marmare314]
  • [Client] Fix cl_show_others_alpha not used in places where it can be [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] Show error message popup on assertion error in client and when client fails to launch [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Multiple broadcast rendering fixes [Robyt3 & Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add the DDNet git hash and "is steam" to the crash file [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix client crash on team kill message with invalid team [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix client crash when spectating on server with missing game info [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix several issues with the text rendering [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Highlight 0XF game type [0xfaulty]
  • [Client] Fix DDNet freezing on resize on macOS [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] Quit client when existing config file cannot be loaded, add restart command to client [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix client crash/hang when launching without data directory [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Add missing attribute shield entities for front and switch layers [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Improve layout of new folder, map details and event popups [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Improve editor file browser button layout when screen width is low [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix transparency in grass_main [mind]
  • [Editor] Don't render switch number and delay for tiles where they are unused [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Make envelope editor resizeable by dragging [Marmare314]
  • [Editor] Move some buttons into menus [Marmare314]
  • [Server] Fix time score [Ryozuki]
  • [Server] Fix swapping with dragger beams and plasmas [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Fix hook prediction [trml]
  • [Server] Allow using rescue (/r) on health pickup [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Add client_score_kind field to serverinfo [Ryozuki]
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 16.9

  • [Client] Add random skin button [Ravie]
  • [Client] Select language on first start based on user locale [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Save screenshot in separate thread to avoid lags [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Drag layers to reorder [Marmare314]
  • [Editor] Sort by name and modified time in file dialog [Marmare314]
  • [Editor] Show popups in editor when loading/saving file fails [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Improved MOTD rendering [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Don't add duplicate consecutive commands to console history [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Support scrolling when mouse at edge [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Support holding shift for slow mouse with color pickers [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix incorrect tee blood color being shown in settings [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Reveal selection when scrolling layer list with up/down arrow keys [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix inp_controller_guid [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix dummy tee being able to ping main tee in chat [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Check if HTTP request task is aborted in completion callback [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Save console_output_level and console_enable_colors variables [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix rcon login when disconnecting dummy and when username used [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix client crash when cl_chat_old config is used [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix erratic smooth scrolling when scroll time is changed [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Allow choosing envelopes by typing their ID [Marmare314]
  • [Editor] Ignore some tiles in free slot finder [Marmare314]
  • [Editor] Always enable editor panning and zooming when GUI is hidden [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Handle loading invalid files [Marmare314]
  • [Editor] Add "Show Directory" button in file dialog [Marmare314]
  • [Editor] Add "Delete" button to editor file browser [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Disable editor file browser hotkeys while another popup is open [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Add missing default value for custom parallax zoom property [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Optimizations in preparation for 128 player support [0xfaulty]
  • [Server] Fix incorrect sixup detection when snapping pickups [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Round time in scoreboard by millisecond, not centisecond
  • [Server] Improve ping command accuracy [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Fix server logfile error message [ChillerDragon]
  • [Tooling] Fix and improve twping [Robyt3]
  • [Tooling] Allow to pass in the git shortrev in [heinrich5991]
  • [Tooling] Improve crash parsing in [Robyt3]
  • [Tooling] Set uniform client/server names in cmake, easier modding [Kaffeine]
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 16.8

  • [Client] Add skin to serverbrowser's scoreboard [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add ingame and browser buttons to copy server info to clipboard [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Better lists with smooth scrolling (ui_smooth_scroll_time) [Robyt3]
  • [Client+Server] Implement FIFO on Windows using Named Pipes [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Add tooltip to demo seekbar showing the currently hovered time [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix client crash when echoing client message to chat, use em dash for client messages in chat [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Make color pickers not change selected color as much [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Support 4 and 8 digit RGBA color values in console [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Merge entity textures to reduce memory usage [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Increase relative joystick movement based on input update time, disable relative joystick when console is open or window not focused [Robyt3]
  • [Client] For integrated and discrete GPUs always prefer what comes first in the list [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Show error message when downloaded map cannot be saved [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Use OpenGL 3.3 on macOS by default
  • [Client] Add error message when saving screenshot fails [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Save prediction margin [Chairn]
  • [Client] Fix text rendering over maximum line width with newline [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Align color picker buttons on right side [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Highlight S-DDR game type [Sedonya]
  • [Editor] Support longer file/folder names [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Clear file browser search term when entering folder [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Add buttons to move envelopes left and right, improve envelope UI layout, add tooltips for editboxes [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Add a refresh button to the file browser [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Add reset command to server [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Fix sv_vanilla_antispoof for vanilla 0.6.5 clients [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Remove projectiles on save and load [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Remove projectiles on team change [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Hand the client IP addresses to the antibot module [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Fix announcement feature
  • [Server] Don't count (connecting) players for voting
  • [Server] Fix crash in team save/load [Zwelf]
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 16.7.2

  • [Client] Default to Vulkan graphics backend (higher FPS) and handle errors [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Implement exact matches in search and exclude strings using "" in serverbrowser
  • [Client] Register protocol (ddnet:// and file extensions (.demo and .map) on client launch on Windows [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Register protocol and file extensions on macOS during installation
  • [Client] Render bar below server browser to show loading progression [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Allow translations to reorder string substitutions [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Ignore connecting players in search terms when "Filter connecting players" is on
  • [Client] Adjust no weak prediction to updated server code [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Copy the demo timeline markers when slicing a demo [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Handle ordinal joystick hat keys as combined cardinal hat keys [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Add support for hot-plugging gamecontrollers [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Register application separately to specify its displayed name [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix signed integer overflow on client input message [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix undefined behavior when unpacking snapshot deltas [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Remove possible overflow in str_comp_filenames [Chairn]
  • [Client] Fix edge cases where demo tick seeking did not work [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix smooth zooming overshooting the target zoom level [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Add button that tells you how to save power
  • [Client] Colorify BW & F-DDrace gamemodes [NouaaTW & fokkonaut]
  • [Editor] Add tooltips for the buttons that open directories and files [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Add separate ed_limit_max_zoom_level for editor, fix editor smooth zooming when joining/reloading game [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Deactivate editor hotkeys while dialog or editbox is active [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix issues when closing multiple editor popups at the same time [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Make restart command work [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Send laser objects as DDNetLaser with type [fokkonaut]
  • [Server] Add for the mastersrv, briefly explaining the setup [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Add tool to manually ping the mastersrv [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Persist AFK state of players on map change, fix players always being considered AFK with sv_max_afk_time 0 [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Fix scoreboard showing wrong best time
  • [Server] Swap times should be per player, not per team
  • [Server] Improve move_sqlite script to adapt timezone [Zwelf]
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 16.6

  • [Tooling] Add support for Rust code in DDNet [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Add friend counter in server browser [louis]
  • [Client] Add buttons+increased length on demo viewbar [louis]
  • [Editor] Improve UI [Voxel]
  • [Editor] Smooth zoom [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Add 4 minutes of logs for moderators [Vy0x2]
  • [Client] Fix crash when cutting a demo opened from command line [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix heap-buffer-overflow in DDNetLaser prediction code [Zwelf]
  • [Client] Fix incorrect cursor position after exiting pause/spec [Robyt3]
  • [Client] More confirmation menus [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix client crash when launching with screenshot command [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix key reader text flashing for one frame [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Remove // in ddnet:// url handler
  • [Client] Fix client crash when unpacking a sixup packet [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix invalid demo cutting, Add slice highlighting [Voxel]
  • [Client] Fix choppy demo seeking when start/end ticks are very large [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Allow both shift keys to be used for all hotkeys [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Switch to Vulkan 1.1 [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Correct color for Gores gametype in serverbrowser [Avolicious]
  • [Client] Fix Ctrl+F hotkey not checking for Ctrl key, minor improvement to tile details popup layout [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Add "Tools > Remove unused envelopes" [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix large popups being outside of screen, add margin [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix incorrect minimum values for tele, speedup and switch layers [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Change hotkey Ctrl+A to Ctrl+T for layer/tile details [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Also append sounds when appending a map to another map [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix height and margin of sound and image popups [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Search for images/sounds in subfolders when readding in editor, show selection dialog if multiple files with the same are found, show error popup when file cannot be found [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Add Shift+G editor hotkey to toggle visibility of game layers [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix editor crash when shifting left/right, fix wrong up/down shifting [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Adjust quad point position and texture U/V relatively [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Hex values in info feature [Voxel]
  • [Editor] Fix crashes when scrolling with up/down keys on empty sounds/images lists [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix text input not working when entering editor with bind, fix IME not being deactivated when editor is closed [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Fix physics change by weak hook fix [fokkonaut]
  • [Server] Write log and sqlite files to storage unless given as absolute path [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Add reason to vote mute, fix vote mute [Vy0x2]
  • [Server] Reset teams when restarting round [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Report extra player info to master http [Ryozuki]
  • [Server] Fix CGun::Fire server crash
  • [Tooling] Add an optional vscode workspace [Jupeyy]
  • [Tooling] Add vim syntax files for config files [Ryozuki]
  • [Tooling] Add tests for int packer, huffman compression [ChillerDragon]
  • [Tooling] Add more tests for hashing, CSemaphore and utf8 confusables [Robyt3]
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 16.5

  • [Client] Add favorite skins [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Support multiple values to search/exclude in serverbrowser (using ;)
  • [Client] Improved crash reports with more information [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Tweak running visuals [Voxel]
  • [Client] Only announce servers using Steam/Discord integration which are registered
  • [Client] Add help text at bottom left ingame when menu is open
  • [Client] Fix config_directory.bat (whitespaces in the path) [BannZay]
  • [Client] Refresh serverbrowser when disconnecting / abort [luk51]
  • [Client] Laser menu tweaks; Changed some default colors [Voxel]
  • [Client] Fix unknown command handler for filenames containing spaces [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix UI elements behind color picker background being selectable [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Remove cl_http_map_download
  • [Client] Fix client crash when server does not send gameinfo [Robyt3]
  • [Client&Server] Fix receiving IPv6 packets after IPv4 ones on Linux [heinrich5991]
  • [Client&Server] Handle non-default Windows directory in os_version_str, print the operating system version on client/server launch [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix map file argument not opening editor with absolute paths [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Enable antispoof for vanilla by default [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Remove support for legacy 64 player info protocol [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Only start registering once the server is fully started [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Update to use sqlite3mysql
  • [Server] Respect reserved slots in old serverinfo
  • [Tooling] Code coverage reports on Github
  • [Tooling] Make submodules shallow by default [Ryozuki]
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 16.4

  • [Client] Running and AFK animations [Voxel]
  • [Client] Add different laser colors for different types [Voxel]
  • [Client] Smooth scrolling in many places [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Parallax-aware zoom [Fireball]
  • [Client] Use new domain
  • [Client&Server] Change log format [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Auto refresh skins when changing related settings [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Demo viewer: Use font instead of images [Voxel]
  • [Client] Demo viewer: Add period/comma hotkeys to skip one tick forward/backward [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Demo viewer: Allow using play in command line [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Ignore server info with control characters [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] List symlinks in list_dir [Patiga & Robyt3]
  • [Client] Improve "couldn't open..." error messages by listing target [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Duplicate layers [archimede67]
  • [Tools] Add map_create_pixelart and map_find_env tools [sctt]
  • [Editor] Editor: Added "Order" button in quads popup [sctt]
  • [Editor] Added reload button for image and sound popups [sctt]
  • [Editor] Added a "Go" button [archimede67]
  • [Server] Add HTTPS map download URL field for game servers [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Various fixes for server demo recording and playback [Robyt3]
  • [Server] First send message to team, then kill team
  • [Server] Add sv_sql_bindaddr and support bindaddr for http masterserver
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 16.3.2

  • [Client] Faster PNG loading, warn about incompatible PNGs [Jupeyy, heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Console completion for tunings and renames (`binds`, `tunes`) [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Loading screen for map loading [Jupeyy]
  • [Editor] Add map_replace_area tool [sctt]
  • [Server] Time checkpoint improvements [c0d3d3v]
  • [Client] Improve rendering of demo list icons [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Include config info in help
  • [Client] Add appearance settings page [c0d3d3v]
  • [Client] Allow multiple addresses per server in the serverbrowser [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Add Esperanto language [dannyhpy]
  • [Client] Fix finding server executable
  • [Client] Abort skin downloads too
  • [Client] Add Discord SDK for macOS arm64
  • [Client] Fix dump_local_console
  • [Client] Validate snapshot size and member variables and demo snapshots [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix game freezing up on duplicate snapshot [Fireball]
  • [Client+Server] Improve snapshot performance [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Check fully transparent quads with negative alpha [Jupeyy (on phone)]
  • [Client] Fix backlog page switching between local/remote consoles [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix client crash on Linux on freeze bar [c0d3d3v]
  • [Client] Improve UI inputs [c0d3d3v]
  • [Client] Rename `cl_show_quads` to `cl_showquads` to remove binds
  • [Client] Fix text alignment in popups [bluesky]
  • [Editor] Only apply size and color if changed, when editing multiple layers [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Envelope preview: fix last point not being editable, fix movement of envelope points in Info mode (Ctrl+I) [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix tab and F10 keys working inconsistently in editor [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix editor crashes [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix editor image delete [Jupeyy]
  • [Editor] Fix buffer-overflow in editor on shift-clicking brush [Robyt3]
  • [Editor] Fix shift-leftclick-drag with empty selection to delete
  • [Editor] Reset selected quads when switching layers
  • [Server] Option to remove weak hook & bounce (`sv_no_weak_hook_and_bounce`, for KoG testing) [Jupeyy]
  • [Server] Fix another swap bug [c0d3d3v]
  • [Server] Fix player input player flags translation with 0.7 client [Robyt3]
  • [Server] Only announce DDNet birthday once
  • [Server] Fix MySQL compilation
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 16.2.2

  • [Client] DDNet HUD [c0d3d3v]
  • [Client] Controller support [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Add community skin option [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Prediction of switch state toggles [trml]
  • [Client] Use STUN to check network status when connecting [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] HTTP masterserver registering [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Reworked draggers, turrets, hooks always visible [c0d3d3v]
  • [Client] Video Recorder: Don't ever skip any frame [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Use ellipsis in scoreboard for too long names [c0d3d3]
  • [Client] Added live freeze in comfort entities [louis]
  • [Client] Fix prediction input timing [trml]
  • [Client] Fix input getter for dummy [trml]
  • [Client] Fix dummy tick handling [sjrc6]
  • [Client] Remove ui_scale [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Remove cl_nameplates_ha(_size) [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix ingame menu button behavior when holding mouse button [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Prevent UI lockups [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Always render nameplate of spec char [c0d3d3v]
  • [Client] Fix pos1 only scrolling up one page in console [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Lower max allowed FSAA on OpenGL [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix toggle with multiple chains [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Remove cl_show_console [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix video rendering being too fast [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add basic driver version parsing for Vulkan [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Update tooltip text after changing language
  • [Client] Support nesting CUI clipping regions and other UI elements [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Remove cl_reset_wanted_weapon_on_death [Chairn]
  • [Client] Fix crash because of hooks on non-DDNet servers [c0d3d3v]
  • [Editor] Fix deleting envelopes not updating sounds [Ravie & c0d3d3v]
  • [Server] Practice: Unfreeze when rescued, reset speed when teleporting [kiw-q]
  • [Server] Practice: Unfreeze after teleporting [hus3h]
  • [Server] Add `/cptime name` to get checkpoint times of another player (for speedrunning)
  • [Server] Fix laser bounce physics on Putt Putt [c0d3d3v]
  • [Server] Fix server loading map twice on startup [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Fixed non-determinism in physics while keeping old behavior [c0d3d3v]
  • [Server] Swap: Also swap no-collision and no-hook status [c0d3d3v]
  • [Server] Prevent time overflow [c0d3d3v]
  • [Server] Weapon-specific shields: Send normal shields to old clients [c0d3d3v]
  • [Server] Explicitly delete game server from server list on shutdown [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Make capital /WHISPER work
  • [Server] Remove sv_checkpoint_save
  • [Server] Paginate bans
  • [Server] Make input handling teehistorian-friendly [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Update unicode script generation [Chairn]
  • [Client+Server] Support outdated Windows 7 again (hopefully)
  • [Tooling] Add integration test script and coverage map [ChillerDragon]
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 16.1

  • [Client] Add option to change default eyes when joining server [sjrc6]
  • [Client] Tooltips to explain some settings [Ryozuki]
  • [Server] Enable swapping in team 0
  • [Server] Shields that take away specific weapons [Jupeyy, Cellegen, Konsti]
  • [Client+Server] Unify logging infrastructure so that F1 shows all [heinrich5991]
  • [Client+Server] Switch new players to DDNet config dir, support Teeworlds as fallback
  • [Client] Adjustable hook collision line alpha [sjrc6]
  • [Client] Fix whisper sending/receiving differentiation [srdante]
  • [Client] Respect GPU type better [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Better forced viewport handling (Vulkan) [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix Vulkan on dual core CPUs [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Allow onfly FSAA change under Vulkan [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Display super with "super" string in scoreboard
  • [Client] Unselect text after ctrl-u
  • [Client] Fix wrong quad offset for (not caused by transparent) flushes (Vulkan, OpenGL 3.3) [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Improve demo slice popup, minor refactoring of UI/menus [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix flashing colors in console when scrolling up continuously [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Remove cl_predict_ddrace [c0d3d3v]
  • [Client] Remove cl_show_quads standard bind
  • [Client] Ignore F5 key press when ingame menu is open
  • [Client] Fix pistol sounds for BW servers [Nouaa]
  • [Client] Allow freecam to center on world border [c0d3d3v]
  • [Client] Fix local hookline direction when mouse is exactly centered [sjrc6]
  • [Client] Fix ghost color [c0d3d3v]
  • [Client] Check if the resolution is "really" not supported before applying desktop resolution [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Try default opengl settings first, when vulkan fails [Jupeyy]
  • [Editor] Fix editor animation offset time being affected by the animation speed factor [Jupeyy]
  • [Editor] Ctrl+Right click tile to select layer [ChillerDragon]
  • [Server] Do not release the hooks if you swap [c0d3d3v]
  • [Server] Fix /top5 inconvenience / local ranking problem [srdante]
  • [Server] Fix SQL duplicated top and player team top 5 [srdante]
  • [Server] Fix websocket crash on client connect [srdante]
  • [Server] Fix angle calculation for 0.7 clients [c0d3d3v]
  • [Server] Make super ignore livefreeze [Ryozuki]
  • [Server] Don't allow infinite shotgun bounce
  • [Server] Allow sv_show_others_default in map settings
  • [Server] Continuously test MySQL too instead of just MariaDB
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 16.0.3

  • [Client] New Vulkan graphics renderer for more FPS (enable in Graphics Settings) [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Improved demo renderer performance [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] New players join Tutorial servers by default
  • [Client] Replace browser icons with font icons [Jupeyy]
  • [Editor] Quad knife tool [Ravie]
  • [Client+Server] Exception handling on Windows (Crash reports in %APPDATA%\Teeworlds\dumps) [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Automatic font size in menu [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Make hook collision line size adjustable [sjrc6]
  • [Client] Automatically select search string on Ctrl+F [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add optional save_replay parameter (filename) [simpygirl]
  • [Client] Improvement of the automatic completion of player names in chat [c0d3d3v]
  • [Client] Fix duplicated team messages with dummy [c0d3d3v]
  • [Client] Fix binds, fix sounds and demo playback for violent gametypes [Kaffeine]
  • [Client] Fix sound bug on large maps (like Back in Time 3) [c0d3d3v]
  • [Client] Fix dummy connect on some vanilla servers [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Show key presses in nameplates [c0d3d3v]
  • [Client] Update local hook collision line every frame [sjrc6]
  • [Client] Allow the ghost to carry any weapon [c0d3d3v]
  • [Client] Show correct server address when connecting
  • [Client] Drop non-RGBA image-support in skins [Chairn]
  • [Client] Fix listbox item double click behaviour [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Fix bindings with modifiers [Kaffeine]
  • [Client] Support saving any size binds
  • [Client] HTTP Serverbrowser: Quit faster
  • [Client] Remove the totally unsafe editor undo
  • [Client] Fix client freezes if server sends funny ticks [ChillerDragon, heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Fix wrong warnings with saved config file
  • [Client] Fix integer overflow in CHud when server time exceeds around 248 days [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Set gfx_opengl_major 1 as default on 32bit Windows
  • [Client] Don't print binds into F1
  • [Client] Fix player death effect color [srdante]
  • [Server] Do not mute if spam protection is off [ChillerDragon]
  • [Server] Write log to disk on assert [Jupeyy]
  • [Server] Fix specteam 1 not showing teammates while spectating/freecam in solo [sjrc6]
  • [Server] Fix logging into rcon with dummy [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] No chat messages for live freeze
  • [Server] Make spawn position independent of players in other teams
  • [Server] Record player_ready event in Teehistorian [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Fix recording server-side demos [c0d3d3v]
  • [Server] Fix laser clipping [Kaffeine]
  • [Tools] Fixed bad DataReader loop on map_replace_image [sctt]
  • [Client+Server] Support NO_COLOR environment variable
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 15.9.1

  • [Server] Live freeze tiles (cannot move or jump, but can use hook and weapons) [GiuCcc]
  • [Server] Add teleport/tp chat command to teleport yourself to another player or spectated location (requires /practice)
  • [Client] Add new icons and macOS installer graphics [Ravie]
  • [Client] Add windowed fullscreen mode on Windows [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Support 128 players in server browser [fokkonaut]
  • [Client] Adjustable prediction margin (cl_prediction_margin) [trml]
  • [Client] Improve projectile prediction [trml]
  • [Client] Use power button to quit (hopefully more clear)
  • [Client] Implement "reset" command to reset specific config values to default value
  • [Client] Add cl_port, cl_dummy_port, cl_contact_port for ISPs that throttle specific ports
  • [Client] Remove compatible version filter [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Display more relevant version numbers on command line
  • [Client] Fix bullet rendered through walls [trml]
  • [Client] Fix ARM-specific crash in macOS when moving screen [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix console line offsets when resizing [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix changing resolution in fullscreen [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Improved double click handling [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Reduce default ambient volume to 30
  • [Client] Update score HUD immediately when switching dummy
  • [Client] Allow multiple commands when adding vote in UI
  • [Client] Allow "zoom" command to take smaller/larger values
  • [Client] Improve super prediction
  • [Client] Improve preformance when listing directories [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Lower chance of losing config files [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Explicitly disable notch area on Macbook Pro for fullscreen
  • [Editor] Support enter and escape keys in editor when confirming save
  • [Editor] Don't react to server settings shortcuts when dialog is open
  • [Server] 255 jump tile acts as no double jump [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Fail database queries faster [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Improve database writes during shutdown and bad network [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Extend and fix DDNet Server launcher on macOS
  • [Server] Also switch rescue tees when swapping
  • [Server] Implement sv_min_team_size to prevent too small teams counting as team finishes
  • [Server] Default players to being AFK when joining
  • [Server] Fix warnings to only warn every 3 seconds when touching start line
  • [Server] Reload map when changing sv_sixup [Robyt3]
  • [Client+Server] Handle signals (SIGINT, SIGTERM) [Robyt3]
  • [Client+Server] Fix lots of undefined behavior [Robyt3]
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 15.8.1

  • [Client] Support GUI/Cmd key and use it as equivalent to Ctrl in default shortcuts
  • [Client] Add cl_run_on_join to set command to execute when joining server (e.g. "showall 1")
  • [Client] Fix Unicode path/link/argument handling [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Remove ping filter in serverbrowser
  • [Client] Adopt vanilla scrollbar colors and sizes [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Center timer in HUD
  • [Client] Add buttons to open settings file and config directory
  • [Client] Lower worst/best case frame time calculations [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix text selection cursor position after moving window to different screen or resizing
  • [Client] Support cl_video_show_direction 2 to show your own key presses when recording
  • [Client] Remove gfx_asyncrender_old on macOS to crash less when resizing/moving window
  • [Editor] No wasd moving when dialog is open
  • [Editor] Fix enter behavior when creating new folder
  • [Editor] Fix save typing when server settings are open
  • [All] Skip UTF-8 BOM on all read text files [heinrich5991]
  • [All] Support M1 CPUs natively on macOS (Website build only, Steam doesn't support native M1 yet, without Discord integration on M1)
  • [All] Add console_enable_colors 0 to turn off colors [Kaffeine]
  • [All] Use dbg_asserts in Release builds again [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Don't shut down server when SQL queries haven't finished [Zwelf]
  • [Server] More fixes for /swap
  • [Server] Make /rescue handle switch freeze too
  • [Server] Consider initial chat delays as normal mutes, implement unmuteid
  • [Server] Fix badly cut-off user names when name is too long [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Fix crash with switchers
  • [Server] Don't clear client version on map change [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Some fixes for super
  • [Server] Add target clientid to antibot's OnHammerHit [fokkonaut]
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 15.7

  • [Client] Make opening files for reading on windows case insensitive (again) [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Increase console backlog size from 64 KB to 1 MB
  • [Client] Fix cutting demos from KoG server
  • [Client] Fix steam names being cut off inside utf8 codepoints [Robyt3]
  • [Client] Make laser doors show correctly when spectating other players [trml]
  • [Client] Improve performance of SnapFindItem for extended item types [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Fix spacing in HUD settings for 5:4 resolution
  • [Client] Fix serverinfo json parser to work with system libjsonparser
  • [Client] Don't overflow network statistics in debug view
  • [Client] Fix search bar cursor position with empty text [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix killmessage-colored player names [Jupeyy]
  • [Editor] Allow zooming any distance in editor (cl_limit_max_zoom_level 0)
  • [Editor] Use wasd to navigate in editor [ChillerDragon]
  • [Server] Server can disable dummy functionality in client [fokkonaut]
  • [Server] sv_plasma_per_sec 0 disables firing
  • [Server] Optimize entity sending [trml]
  • [Tools] Fix map_extract
  • [Tools] Lots of TSAN, UBSAN, ASAN fixes [Jupeyy, heinrich5991]
  • [Tools] Support ASAN manual memory poisoning for pool allocators [Learath2]
and a lot of smaller fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 15.6.2

  • [Client] Lots of prediction improvements, predict switch tiles [trml, Ryozuki]
  • [Client] Select and copy from ingame console [σℓí♡, Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Make emoticons smoother [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Improve fullscreen and allow ingame resolution changes [Jupeyy, vainiovano]
  • [Client] Add colors for console window (cl_show_console 1 on Windows) [σℓí♡, Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Display colors for strong / weak hook states [σℓí♡]
  • [Client] Allow zooming to levels (e.g. zoom 5) [Learath2]
  • [Client] Improved debug graphs [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Add ctrl+backspace for ingame console [σℓí♡]
  • [Client] Update server list silently [Learath2]
  • [Client] Add a new failure log level to the HTTP module [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Add inp_translated_keys 1 to use local keyboard layout
  • [Client] Disable chat sounds when recording without chat
  • [Editor] Better entity explanations at bottom of screen [HamidReza585]
  • [Server] Add /team -1 to join first empty team [gerdoe-jr]
  • [Server] Try to fix start line skipping [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Allow antibot to get more insight into network [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Make teehistorian easier to reproduce [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Split long system messages into two lines [heinrich5991]
and a lot of fixes, see the full list of git changes

DDNet 15.5.4

  • [Client] Add client-side HTTP server info (instantaneous, secure, raw data from [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Predict tune zones for characters, allow unpredicted tune zone settings for projectiles and lasers [TsFreddie]
  • [Client] Steam: Support connecting to hostname (for example steam://run/412220//
  • [Client] Implement HSL sliders [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add hookcollision color changeable in HUD [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Remove "Show only supported" resolutions switch from graphics tab [ardadem]
  • [Client] Remove texture quality config [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] HiDPI-aware resolution list [TsFreddie]
  • [Client] Fix some buttons in menus [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Set all Intel GPU Windows players to OpenGL 2.0 by default [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix composed binds involving F-keys [Learath2]
  • [Client] Differentiate better between window modes [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix out of list clip clickable/hoverable items [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Center more tees in graphics [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix auto-reconnect while in game [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Fix parsing an ipv6 address without port [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Avoid spawn effect being clipped for spawning player [TsFreddie]
  • [Client] Fix serverbrowser crash [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Make pixel alignment numerical more robust when scrolling [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Compress IPv6 string representations according to RFC5952 [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Fix crash when sorting empty friend list [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix X11 notifications [Maiski]
  • [Client] Differenciate between width and height for body part [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add better support for compose binds in demo menu [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Print GPU info into console [Jupeyy]
  • [Editor] Fix infinite loop in editor when changing height [Jupeyy]
  • [Editor] Make sure ctrl+shift+s works same as clicking UI [ChillerDragon]
  • [Server] Disable swap properly since it's still broken
  • [Server] Fix multiple crashes with super
  • [Server] Add new tune: hammer_hit_fire_delay
  • [Server] Fix team rank updating not working [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Lower save/swap punishment
  • [Tools] Fix duplicate uuid index in maps edited by tools [Patiga]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 15.4

  • [Client] More colors from components in consoles [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add dummy_reset and remove +resetdummy [ardadem]
  • [Client] Don't predict other teams [trml]
  • [Client] Center tees in more places in UI (Tee settings, Scoreboard, Spectator board) [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix scoreboard overlapping [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Make statboard work with up to 32 players [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Lower dilate threshold [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix top time not being displayed on old servers [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Fix chat refind skins [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Remove gfx_show_warnings
  • [Client] Remove deepfly binds
  • [Client] Fix initially sent zoom level with dummy
  • [Client] Don't allocate the windows console by default [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Automatically use HTTPS compression if the server supports it [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Fix legacy server info with reserved slots and num_players over 15
  • [Client] Fix x_ skins so that they can't be chosen/shown
  • [Client] No negative player count in server browser
  • [Client] Set search field active when opening vote menu ingame
  • [Client] Keep demos sorted the same way after deleting one
  • [Client] Fix chat reapeated messages [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Don't leak memory on Windows in logger
  • [Editor] Only externalize images with vanilla names [Patiga]
  • [Editor] Don't toggle Destructive when pressing ctrl-shift-d
  • [Editor] Prevent crash when setting image to None
  • [Editor] Fix automapper crash
  • [Server] Local ranking info viewable ingame (/top5, /rank) [Zodiac]
  • [Server] Add swap functionality for teams (/swap) [Zodiac]
  • [Server] Inform player while loading when save exists, but they don't belong to the team [Zwelf]
  • [Server] /times: Show country rank is from [partially heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Fix ": " being included in "*** : abc" server messages [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Add initial delay to talking in chat [Learath2]
  • [Server] Add a way to block people from chatting on VPNs [Learath2]
  • [Server] Improve performance of /top5points query, remove negative /top5points since it makes no sense anyway
  • [Server] Get rid of MySQL C++ connector as dependency, disable C++ exceptions [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Remove fifo file on shutdown
  • [Server] Forgot to actually send Sv_RecordLegacy to old clients [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Increase max ban duration from 1 month to 1 year
  • [Server] Don't call our temporary global bans "bans for life"
  • [Server] Fix crash on autoban unsupported client [fokkonaut]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 15.3.2

  • [Client] Add Discord rich presence (except on Linux x86) [Ryozuki & heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Allow online resizing of window on Windows [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Menu tabs animations [Banana090]
  • [Client] Color picker in settings [Banana090]
  • [Client] Better sliders and lists [Banana090]
  • [Client] Indicate strength of hook in nameplates (ctrl-shift-d)
  • [Client] Freeview mouse moves faster when zoomed out
  • [Client] Don't predict input from dummy when it's paused
  • [Client] Keep showing last checkpoint after kill
  • [Client] Use map download URL from
  • [Client] Fixed mouse jumping after losing focus [Banana090]
  • [Client] Notify about vote when logged in
  • [Client] Fix prediction with global collision off tiles and tunings [trml]
  • [Client] Check skin/sprite images for correctness [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Unlimited texture names [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Remove hardcoded zoom level limits (cl_limit_max_zoom_level) [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Filter invalid kill messages [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] First Arabic client translation [.Yukki]
  • [Client] Add F-DDrace entities [fokkonaut]
  • [Client] Update ingame BlockWorlds entities [Brokecdx]
  • [Client] Don't sort server browser on entry adding, but once per update call [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Respect possible particle size increase, of worst case rotation [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Dynamically size scoreboard title
  • [Client] Remove ddnet info tmp file always when quitting [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] Fix freezing with text boxes [TsFreddie]
  • [Client] Move PNG loading in SkinDL to fetch thread to prevent graphics lags
  • [Client] Add more default binds and binds in settings (h for dummy hammer, up/down for deepfly on/off, / for chat command)
  • [Client] HTTP Map Download: Time out faster
  • [Client] Increase Intel driver blocklist range [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Run server in background on Windows
  • [Client] Fix client crash with too many items
  • [Client] Fix up/down keys in demo browser
  • [Client] Log duplicate messages in console
  • [Client] Port some refactor from teeworlds-0.7 [Kaffeine]
  • [Editor] Allow reordering commands in the server settings editor [Learath2]
  • [Editor] Make dragging quads in the editor more sensitive to small mouse deltas [timakro]
  • [Server] Make netclipping of entities and events respect shown distance
  • [Server] Display median time instead of average
  • [Server] Reset practice after team saved and got killed
  • [Server] Add (un)endless_hook commands
  • [Server] rank/teamrank: Display how much better you are
  • [Server] Add /top5team s?i command to show all team ranks of a player [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Check finish of team after player joins spectators
  • [Server] Allow UTF8 ban reasons
  • [Server] Remove SQL locks [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Handle switch number 0
  • [Server] Improve error messages when you can't join team
  • [Server] Fix storing load/save result in main thread without incrementing usage count [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Synchronize database thread via atomic_bool instead of use_count from shared pointer [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Keep veto right after joining dummy with lower ID
  • [Server] Fix server crash with too many items
  • [Server] Fix centisecs rounding in ranks
  • [Server] Show sixup client info in status [nobody-mb]
  • [Server] Also display DDNet version for 0.7 clients in status [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Disable ninja jetpack when player has telegun
  • [Everywhere] Lots of minor fixes, thanks to everyone!
Full list of git changes

DDNet 15.2.5

  • [Client] New chat look [Banana090]
  • [Client] Show friends on spectate tab [ardadem]
  • [Client] Warn new players about name with points
  • [Client] Smooth dynamic camera [TsFreddie]
  • [Client] Optimize UI rendering [Jupeyy]
  • [Client+Server] Fix lots of undefined behaviour, out-of-bounds accesses, memory leaks [Jupeyy, Learath2, Patiga, Zwelf, axblk, ...]
  • [Client+Server] Remove CRC in all possible places [heinrich5991]
  • [Client+Server] Show hours in more places
  • [Client] Fix and change text cursor [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Improve Call Vote menu [Banana090]
  • [Client] Use 0.7 gameskins [Zatline]
  • [Client] Add comfort entities assets [louis]
  • [Client] Add refresh button for skins [Jupeyy, timakro]
  • [Client] Fix laser prediction for non-DDRace mods [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Make animations more consistent with high float values [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Improve text alignment [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Modulize skins, particles, emoticons and game assets [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add GUI & Game sound volume sliders
  • [Client] Make gfx_quad_as_triangle 0 default for performance Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add hint for disabling debug mode [TsFreddie]
  • [Client] Add dbg_gfx command [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add more video modes, reorder them for consistency
  • [Client] Make initial borderless work again
  • [Client] Set libnotify icon (Linux) [yangfl]
  • [Client] Don't make width depend on localized text
  • [Client] Update demo browser on demo save [BannZay]
  • [Client] Fix button rendering in "Render demo"
  • [Client] Speed up sorting [Jupeyy, Learath2]
  • [Client] Fix skin load [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Use pointer directly for tile layer building [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix hook chains [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix combined player/ping sorting [trml]
  • [Client] Fix weapon muzzle texture cutoff [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix overlapping of combined binds with modifiers [Banana090]
  • [Client] Fix IME state softlock under Linux and MacOS [TsFreddie]
  • [Client] Sort skins without case
  • [Client] Fix skin x_ check
  • [Editor] Always embed map sounds [Patiga]
  • [Editor] Improve usability of server settings
  • [Editor] Allow zooming in further
  • [Editor] Update ddmax_freeze [saltyElefant]
  • [Editor] Update winter_main.rules [mind]
  • [Editor] Fix selection of None value in auto rules
  • [Editor] Offset env pos of sound sources when appending maps [Patiga]
  • [Server] Show all local maps in votes (add_map_votes)
  • [Server] Kick-voting someone doesn't kill locked team
  • [Server] Support starting without wordlist.txt
  • [Server] Disallow player name changes when muted [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Disallow more commands with testing mode [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Consider emoticon, chat, vote as not-afk
  • [Server] Render afk emote instead of chat emote [ardadem]
  • [Server] Use rest instead of string in some commands
  • [Server] Increase size for name_ban messages [jao]
  • [Server] Detect more whitespace characters in names
  • [Server] Fix random_map and random_unfinished_map with SQlite [Zwelf]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 15.1.3

  • [Client] Add menu background maps [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add changeable assets in settings [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Sharper graphics ingame (gfx_opengl_texture_lod_bias) [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add directory buttons in settings [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Set IME window position & prevent input from fighting with IME [TsFreddie]
  • [Client] Join identical chat lines to prevent spam [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] HUD: Show days and hours in game time, don't show wrong deciseconds
  • [Client] Fix score/time alignment in scoreboard [Learath2]
  • [Client] Server browser: Remove pure server filter, add space for countries
  • [Client] Server browser: Add clear button to server address field
  • [Client] Print errors when writing files failed
  • [Client] Grab focus more agressively when starting client
  • [Client] Handle rcon command completion properly with dummy
  • [Client] Add hover for demo browser [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add background music volume slider
  • [Client] Add explicit button for current map as background
  • [Client] Fix ctrl+shift+d so that it doesn't move tee again
  • [Client] Fix finding server for running it inside of start menu
  • [Client] Remove failed downloaded files more consistently
  • [Client] Don't log skin downloading progress
  • [Client] Handle PNG read errors
  • [Client] Fix entities for some modifications [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Make sure turning dynamic camera off in settings works
  • [Client] Print out modifiers when unbinding a bind [plsplsplslol]
  • [Client] Fix empty lines in chat
  • [Editor] Add new renderer, looks more consistent with ingame [Jupeyy]
  • [Editor] Improve dilate and auto apply dilate on embedded texture in editor [Jupeyy]
  • [Editor] Properly set sound envelope offsets for sound sources [Patiga]
  • [Editor] Add scrollbar to auto rules list [Ryozuki]
  • [Editor] Fix multiple layer selection for groups [Learath2]
  • [Editor] Fix Texture UV coordinates [Learath2]
  • [Editor] Save maps more deterministically [Patiga]
  • [Network] Create ALLOW_X_SKINS game info flag (for mods)
  • [Server] Implement /showothers 2 to show own team members only
  • [Server] Ship more default maps: LearnToPlay, Sunny Side Up, Tsunami
  • [Server] Inform players that they are in team already when trying to join team
  • [Server] Fix spectating so that you can't spectate yourself [Fireball]
  • [Server] Fix laser_damage tune with 0.7 client [pure-luck-999]
  • [Server] Fix 0.7 player vote creator id [pure-luck-999]
  • [Server] Fix last character when showing IPs in rcon [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Fix show_ips on non-SQL servers
Full list of git changes

DDNet 15.0.5

  • [Client] On-demand skin downloader to see all skins from Skin Database
  • [Client] New start menu adapted from Teeworlds 0.7
  • [Client] Optimize loading glyphs from font file
  • [Client] Scale graphics textures more nicely [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Support hovering in many menus [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Refresh server browser immediately when updated info arrives
  • [Client] Refresh server browser faster (br_max_requests 100)
  • [Client] Sort spectator view by team, then name (not score)
  • [Client] Show entities on all server types [BannZay & Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix mapres for new graphics renderer [mind]
  • [Client] Fix some 5:4/4:3 rendering in demo & recorder menus
  • [Client] Fix entity text [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Don't close the client on error in video recorder
  • [Client] Add some more space for Countries & Types in DDNet/KoG tabs
  • [Client] Remove borderfix/add/rem tools we don't need anymore
  • [Client] Add unmasked entities for all mods [Jupeyy]
  • [Editor] Ask for confirmation before placing border tiles [Fireball]
  • [Editor] Select game layer by default
  • [Server & Client] Update libwebsockets and make client able to use websockets [QingGo]
  • [Server] Don't use server name when storing saves in database [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Print SQlite statements [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Allow to use config_retrieve on whole directory [BannZay]
  • [Server] map_convert_07: Check for width/height 0
  • [Server] Optimization: Only receive new packets when we know they are waiting
  • [Server] Remove sv_team_lock command [BannZay]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 14.7.1

  • [Client] Allow joining and inviting others via Steam friend list [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Update mapres for the new graphics renderer [mind]
  • [Client] Add demo video recorder
  • [Client] Fix some broken unicode strings [TsFreddie]
  • [Client] Fix game hanging on spectating person change [BannZay, Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix front.png [Soreu]
  • [Client] Don't time out so often when using HTTP downloads
  • [Editor] Fix proof circle position
  • [Server] Fix duplicate teamranks
  • [Server] Improve database performance
Full list of git changes

DDNet 14.6.2

  • [Client] OpenGL graphics improvements & fixes [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Updated entities [Soreu]
  • [Client] Add buttons for Kill (k) and Pause (p)
  • [Client] Only send valid UTF-8 over the network, fixes joining server [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Use the correct name for determining ranks in server browser [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Load server browser more fairly
  • [Client] Fix word wrapping for unicode strings [TsFreddie]
  • [Client] Add cl_nameplates_friendmark to see your friends more easily [BannZay]
  • [Client] Fix mouse interaction when game console is open [BannZay]
  • [Client] Don't show wrong servers in server browser [BannZay]
  • [Client] Allow changing entities text size on-the-fly [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Warn about textures with sizes not divisible by 16 [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Fix texture destroying [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add platform and arch in console output
  • [Client] Remove some confusing settings from graphics menu
  • [Client] Fix rendering of menu background with dark background [BannZay]
  • [Client] Allow empty max ping filter in server browser [BannZay]
  • [Client] Remove fallback for Teeworlds' settings.cfg
  • [Client] Upgrade SDL2 for Linux Steam release, fixing Unicode input
  • [Editor] Set search field to active when opening file dialog
  • [Editor] Fix map details layout [BannZay]
  • [Editor] Fix right click on items [BannZay]
  • [Server] Fix voting for 0.7 clients [Learath2]
  • [Server] Allow loading from any server independent of server it was saved on
  • [Server] Fix port in error messages & teehistorian [BannZay, heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Ignore duplicate records when inserting
Full list of git changes

DDNet 14.5.1

  • [Client] Sort servers by a combination of players & ping by default [trml]
  • [Client] Use player name from Steam API as fallback [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Grab input when starting client
  • [Client] Enable "Switch weapon on pickup" by default
  • [Client] Send larger distance when zooming
  • [Client] Only send pain sound in freeze if fire was released [trml]
  • [Client] Fix connecting to some servers by adding back vanilla maps for compatibility
  • [Client] Refresh browser on "Indicate map finish" click [BannZay]
  • [Client] Support Linux shared libraries in autoupdater
  • [Client] Remove panic quit button (use alt-f4 instead)
  • [Server] Give a more instructive message on DNSBL ban (telling players to connect without VPN)
  • [Server] Forbid some more whitespace and whitespace-like characters
Full list of git changes

DDNet 14.4.1

  • [Client] Support CJK for everyone, improve font [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add back skins by Moby Dog [heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Don't bother Steam users with red update text anymore
  • [Client] Add welcome instructions about how to kill (k) and pause game (q)
  • [Client] Enable showing other players' key presses by default
  • [Client] Ignore clan of friends by default
  • [Client] Add ctrl-u to delete entire line in text fields
  • [Client] Disable SDL IME on Windows to improve Chinese input
  • [Client] Add tele checkpoint number to debug screen (ctrl-shift-d)
  • [Client] Add +resetdummy [ardadem]
  • [Editor] Fix memory leak when loading map in editor
  • [Server] Allow switching weak/strong with saving and loading
  • [Server] Ship map_convert_07 executable, allow drag'n'drop
  • [Server] Add ban_region & ban_region_range [Learath2]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 14.3.3

  • [Client] Remove skins without clear licensing
  • [Client] Add function to show health and armor in nameplates [sirius1242]
  • [Client] Improved dummy switching [Fireball]
  • [Client] Fix prediction when chatting while shooting/walking [trml]
  • [Client] Fix 0.7 players not making sounds when hooking others [Fireball]
  • [Client] Limit zooming out to prevent crashes
  • [Client] Client message color option in HUD settings
  • [Client] Truncate UTF8 map names correctly in scoreboard
  • [Editor] Arrow keys for navigation
  • [Editor] Support .map file drag-and-drop to open map in editor
  • [Server] SQLite database instead of file based ranks [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Fix the same token being generated for each client [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Fix votes for 0.7 clients [Learath2]
  • [Server] Show free view for 0.7 clients [Learath2]
  • [Server] Fix legacy 64 player serverinfo don't send duplicate packets
Full list of git changes

DDNet 14.2

  • [Client] Smooth Zoom with cubic polynomial (cl_smooth_zoom_time, 0 to disable) [Ryozuki & heinrich5991]
  • [Client] Only write non-defaulted config values to settings_ddnet.cfg
  • [Client] Various translations updated [Ryozuki, barsik, SunnyPistache, Pipou, TortiLeq, Cellegen, Jeroen, gigi7187, 3edcxzaq1, FeaRZ]
  • [Server] Find available port with new default sv_port 0 [MikiGamer]
  • [Client] Remove some skins where we don't own intellectual property
  • [Client] Make zoom reset respect cl_default_zoom
  • [Client] Send zoom status for dummy too
  • [Client] Don't reset chat on map change
  • [Client] Fix video recorder
  • [Server] Tell why DNSBL isn't allowing to vote
  • [Server] Fix shown distance for widescreen
  • [Server] Keep hook when loading [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Fix doors resetting on restart on solo server [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Don't load movement and pause state when rescuing [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Fix storing finish on solo server with practice enabled [Zwelf]
  • [Server] Spam protection on /rank [Learath2]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 14.1

  • [Client] Client tells server its zoom level, so no need for /showall 1
  • [Client] Option to ignore emotes of specific players (graphic by Ravie)
  • [Client] Fix showothers for spectated character [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] cl_show_hoolk_coll_own/other 2 to always show hook collision line without sending it to server
  • [Server] Fix shipped server so that 0.6 players can join again [Learath2]
  • [Server] cl_showothers 2 to show only your own team members in solo
Full list of git changes

DDNet 14.0.3

  • [Server] Support Teeworlds 0.7 clients on DDNet servers [Learath2]
  • [Server] Thread safe SQL interaction [Zwelf]
  • [Client] Show outline of tees in spec [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] Remember savecodes in ddnet-saves.txt (in config dir)
  • [Client] Add Learn button which opens the DDNet wiki in browser [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] New introduction text when starting client (please translate if you can)
  • [Client] Don't reset zoom when using timeline in demo
  • [Client] Make demo render the right clan as green [ZombieToad]
  • [Client] Fix highlighting of wrong player [Learath2]
  • [Client] Reset hook & collision in prediction after kill
  • [Client] Stop playing map sound when demo player is paused
  • [Client] Workaround for client crash on predicted explosion [trml]
  • [Client] Only forbid resizing when videorecorder is recording (Linux-only)
  • [VideoRec] Improve video recorder quality default, persist settings
  • [Editor] Add Entites off sign to front layer [Konsti]
  • [Editor] Make ctrl-s/ctrl-shift-s/ctrl-l etc work everywhere in editor
  • [Server] Fix team rejoin logic for solo servers
  • [Server] Save active weapon with /rescue [d3fault]
  • [Server] Ensure that team state is always sent [trml]
  • [Server] Fix /spec + super
  • [Server] teehistorian: Track whether clients join via the 0.7 protocol [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Remove sv_spectator_votes
  • [Server] Add note that autoexec_server.cfg gets overwritten by updates
  • [Server] Document which MySQL/MariaDB versions we require
  • [Server] Fix rotated stoppers [ardadem]
  • [Build] Fix git revision updating for out-of-tree builds [heinrich5991]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 13.2.2

  • [Server] Allow /practice mode for teams: Enables /rescue, but no rank possible
  • [Server] /load without params to show some info
  • [Server] /unlock as an alias for /lock 0
  • [Server] UPnP support for forwarding ports easier (-DUPNP=ON when compiling to enable) [Ryozuki]
  • [Server] Small prediction fixes/update [trml]
  • [Server] Make server info more reliable again [Learath2]
  • [Server] Extend Antibot library interface [heinrich5991, Learath2]
  • [Server] Use a consistent PRNG on all platforms [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Send DDNet version early in the connection process [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Print name of requester when saving/loading team [Chairn]
  • [Server] Fix empty ammo when loading savegame
  • [Server] Fix "Tee keeps crying when holding fire" [fokkonaut]
  • [Server] Fix storing incomplete game uuid on /save [Zwelf]
  • [Client] BlockWorlds Entities [MikiGamer]
  • [Client] Make dummy hold fire with cl_dummy_hammer 1 [trml]
  • [Client] Fix sound on empty chat message
  • [Client] Fix crash in prediction when touching switch tile with number 0
  • [Editor] Improvements & fixes [BannZay]
  • [Editor] Don't count freshly loaded map as modified
  • [Editor] Write Automapper version, was not initialized [Patiga]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 13.1

  • [Client] Linux and Mac OS X: Show chat notifications on desktop [ardadem]
  • [Client] Add dummy prediction [trml]
  • [Client] Fix DDNet connection for showing servers & news on Mac OS X
  • [Client] cl_showchat_2 to always show large chat area
  • [Client] Fix memory leaks and related [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] Fix whispering to players with quotes (by escaping, for example for player "nameless tee" whisper with `/w "\"nameless tee\"" Hey there`
  • [Server] Remove setting ammo for freeze to 0 [fokkonaut]
  • [Server] Rename antibot to ddnet-antibot and install it on cmake [Ryozuki]
  • [VideoRec] Update ffmpeg lib version [sirius1242]
  • [Client] recording with broken maps [Learath2]
  • [Client] Add gfx_highdpi [Learath2]
  • [Client] Fix cl_showrecord with dummy
  • [Client] cl_unpredicted_shadow -1 to show shadow not even in debug mode
  • [Editor] Allow editing multiple tile layer props [Learath2]
  • [Server] Add support for dynamically loading an antibot module [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Add reason to mute [trafilaw]
  • [VideoRec] Add option to pause video rendering when demo playing is paused [sirius1242]
  • [VideoRec] Add option to only start new demo on connect while automatically recording demos [sirius1242]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 13.0.2

  • [Client] Add spectate_closest [d3fault]
  • [Client] Fix demo recording with broken maps [Learath2]
  • [Client] Add gfx_highdpi [Learath2]
  • [Client] Fix cl_showrecord with dummy
  • [Client] cl_unpredicted_shadow -1 to show shadow not even in debug mode
  • [Editor] Allow editing multiple tile layer props [Learath2]
  • [Server] Add support for dynamically loading an antibot module [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Add reason to mute [trafilaw]
  • [VideoRec] Add option to pause video rendering when demo playing is paused [sirius1242]
  • [VideoRec] Add option to only start new demo on connect while automatically recording demos [sirius1242]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 12.9.2

  • [Client] Video Recorder (not shipped yet) [HMH & sirius1242]
  • [Client] Check snap to prevent crashing on invalid snaps [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Allow filtering by name in status [jao]
  • [Client] Strip spaces in server name in browser [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Fix some race conditions when running multiple clients at once
  • [Client] Eliminate static libcurl dependency on Linux [heinrich5991]
  • [Demo] Fix map loading when playing demo [Learath2]
  • [Demo] Fix emoticons glitching out when going back in demo
  • [Editor] Display envelope name in popups [Learath2]
  • [Editor] Optimize editor code to run faster [ChillerDragon]
  • [Editor] Fix rotating rotatable tiles in switch layer [jao]
  • [Editor] Fix envelopes when appending maps [jao]
  • [Editor] Fix del key removing commands while in editbox [archimede67]
  • [Server] Support to run in unison with DDNet7 servers, map_convert_07 tool
Full list of git changes

DDNet 12.8.1

  • [Client] Play demo without map file [Learath2]
  • [Client] Save selected UI settings page [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Invert hook coll colors when using cl_show_hook_coll_always [d3fault]
  • [Client] Fix background colors being set to white [Aerll]
  • [Client] Optimize character evolve function [trml]
  • [Client] Downgrade SDL version to 2.0.8 because of performance regression
  • [Mapping] Fix automapper skipping tiles when it shouldn't [Aerll]
  • [Server] Changed MySQL table schema to tell DDNet7 ranks from DDNet ones
  • [Server] Improve serverinfo response performance [Learath2]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 12.7.3

  • [Server] Allow to hammer directly on unfreeze. Previously, this was only doable with frame-perfect input if you were going to get frozen again the next tick. Now, you only have to hold your hammer to immediately hammer once you get unfrozen.
  • [Client] Numbers centered for OpenGL 3.3 [Andrii]
  • [Client] Add tunezone prediction [trml]
  • [Client] Add toggle keyboard shortcuts button to demo player [jao & eNJi]
  • [Client] Don't highlight window when playing demo
  • [Client] Fix keeping tmp replay demo file on map change [archimede67]
  • [Client] Fix skin reset [jao]
  • [Client] Fix player number in server browser if server is under attack [WsYFU]
  • [Client] Don't render your own dummy's afk emote [d3fault]
  • [Client] Add cl_dummy_resetonswitch 2 [d3fault]
  • [Demo] Fix class selector in demo player [sirius1242]
  • [Editor] Add a saner way to select angles [Learath2]
  • [Server] Fix telegun save [Ryozuki]
  • [Server] Handle 0 star random map votes [jao]
  • [Server] Fix filescore path [ChillerDragon]
  • [Server] Mark players as afk initially [Learath2]
  • [Server] Fix show_ips to show regular formatting
  • [Server] Fix crash when switch (un)deep number is 0 [jao]
  • [Server] Optimize CCollision::MoveBox
Full list of git changes

DDNet 12.6.1

  • [Client] Add afk emote [ardadem]
  • [Client] Show map name in scoreboard [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Restart required message when changing cl_show_console (Windows only) [fokkonaut]
  • [Client] Remove ingame timer at top
  • [Client] Render all entities on non-DDNet servers [Learath2]
  • [Client] Fix deciseconds not updating in spectator/pause [fokkonaut]
  • [Client] Fix wrong flag color in scoreboard and spectator select menu [fokkonaut]
  • [Client] Fix blockZ/infectionZ game mode support [fokkonaut]
  • [Client] Fix cl_dyncam_min_distance camera spawn [FallenKN]
  • [Client] Correctly embed replacing images [jao]
  • [Client] Apply cl_show_others_alpha to projectiles [trml]
  • [Client] Fix toggle not working with colors [Learath2]
  • [Client] Prediction fixes [trml]
  • [Client] Fix name/clang width when zooming out [Jupeyy]
  • [Client] Add ctrl-k to delete in client console [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Fix zoom if dummy is connected and only one is able to zoom [fokkonaut]
  • [Client] cl_dummy_restore_weapon config to keep hammer after hammerfly [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Fix laser/shotgun prediction on solo servers [trml]
  • [Client] Update to SDL 2.0.10
  • [Server] Allow server to opt in/out of certain workarounds and behaviours [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Force spawn order of teams [Learath2]
  • [Server] Fix double pause due to spec [fokkonaut]
  • [Server] Fix 'several players were found' in /rank [fokkonaut]
  • [Server] Don't advertise reserved slots [Learath2]
  • [Server] Persist playerflags when using timeout protection [jao]
  • [Server] Return error code on server fail [ChillerDragon]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 12.5

  • [Client] Replay-after-the-fact system [archimede67]
  • [Client] Fixed zoom reset when dummy connects [archimede67]
  • [Client] Show play time [sirius1242]
  • [Client] ctrl-left/right/delete/u in client console [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Improve heuristic to find map to embed in demo [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] No longer log unknown UUIDs with debug on [heinrich5991]
  • [Server] Respawn client immediately [d3fault]
  • [Server] More flexibility for sv_server_info_per_second, sv_van_conn_per_second
  • [Server] Fix solo prediction with sv_team 3 [trml]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 12.4.3

  • [Client] Unified color system in console (RGB, HSL, Value) [Learath2]
  • [Client] Bind compound keys (shift, ctrl, alt) [Learath2]
  • [Client] Prediction fixes [trml]
  • [Client] cl_text_entities_size [BannZay]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 12.3.1

  • [Client] Revamped prediction, with additional prediction: [trml]
    • Prediction for laser, shotgun, ninja, fng hammer, pickups and ddrace tiles (freeze/unfreeze tiles with cl_predict_freeze)
    • laser and bullets are rendered when you fire them and they don't go through walls (when both cl_antiping_grenade and cl_antiping_weapons are enabled)
    • Antiping for flags
    • Prediction of dummy input
    • An additional smoothing option that attempts to make antiping less jumpy (cl_antiping_smooth)
  • [Client] Fixed a bug where tees were rendered with transparency when spectating [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] Disabled demo shortcuts in console [jao]
  • [Client] Improved prediction for solo and super [Ryozuki]
  • [Server] Fixed a bug where you or a partner would be in solo after a /load when they shouldn't [Learath2]
  • [Server] Fill the DDNet Network Character packet with data [Ryozuki]
  • [Server] Added the option to delete specific projectiles on death [jao]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 12.2

  • [Server] Fixed draggers
  • [Server] Added the DDNet Network Character [Learath2 / Ryozuki]
  • [Server/Client] Now the client knows about other players Solo status, therefore fixing some prediction bugs. [Ryozuki]
  • [Server] Fixed the score not showing up when joining a server using file based records [fokkonaut]
  • [Server] Removed duplicate () on file based records /rank, etc
  • [Server] Fixed non-destructive drawing with hookthrough shortcut [jao]
  • [Server] Fixed crypto library includes not being included [Learath]
  • [Client] Added color_to_rgb console command
  • [Client] Added copy & paste functionality to editor [jao]
  • [Client] Added reasonable layer size limits to prevent crash [jao]
  • [Client] Removed unmaintained Android code
Full list of git changes

DDNet 12.1

  • [Client] Colored ping in scoreboard [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] Color for your clan in scoreboard [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] Console command color_from_rgb to convert colors into TW formats
  • [Client] Handle failures while updating
  • [Client] Add ctrl-a/ctrl-e navigation in console [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Fix Home/End keys in console
  • [Client] cl_mouse_min_distance to keep mouse at a minimum distance from center of screen
  • [Client] Enable gun sound by default again
  • [Client] Allow faster demo playback
  • [Editor] Notify about chat mentions [jao]
  • [Editor] Fix nondestructive mapping mode with hookthroughs [jao]
  • [Editor] More accurate world offset calculation [jao]
  • [Server] Display playerflags and DNSBL in rcon status command
  • [Server] Don't show IPs in rcon console by default, enable with show_ips 1
  • [Server] Save telegun on /save [Ryozuki]
  • [Server] Make timestamp consistent for every member of team in final ranks
  • [Server] Display unicode names like 😶 correctly when returned from database
  • [Server] Fix crash when draggers don't have a number [jao]
  • Many minor fixes and improvements
Full list of git changes

DDNet 12.0.1

  • [Client] Server browser tab for KoG servers
  • [Client] Mark official DDNet & KoG servers with a ✓ (graphic by ┇»MíM«┇)
  • [Client] Autocomplete chat commands starting with /
  • [Client] Fix rendering glyphs not in font
  • [Client] Color authed players in spec
  • [Client] Don't ask to quit without good reason (cl_confirm_quit_time)
  • [Client] Ask to disconnect (dummy) when race time is high (cl_confirm_disconnect_time)
  • [Server] Exclude current map on random map votes [jao]
  • [Server] Add vote_unmute and vote_mutes [Ryozuki]
  • [Server] Fix updating nameban reason [jao]
  • [Server] Don't enforce own votes when moderating [jao]
  • [Server] Only print team join message when not in team already
  • [Editor] Add non-destructive brush drawing mode [jao]
  • [Editor] Add shortcut to add quad/sound at mouse position [jao]
  • [Editor] Don't rotate static game tiles and fix switch rotation [jao]
  • [Editor] Allow editing texture UV offsets in quad properties [Bojidar]
  • As usual, lots of minor fixes
Full list of git changes

DDNet 11.9

  • [Client] Colors for authed players in scoreboard [Learath2]
  • [Client] Fix audio on some platforms
  • [Client] Scoreboard shows time instead of score on race server [fokkonaut]
  • [Client+Server] Fix map load with long file names
  • [Server] Add exact name ban option [jao]
  • [Server] Uninvite kicked/spectated players from team
  • [Server] New server icon with border [daverck]
  • [Editor] Automapper: Remove opaque flag before checking [Bojidar]
  • [Editor] Remove save group/layer button
Full list of git changes

DDNet 11.8

  • [Server] Improved weapon input with high ping/jitter [trml]
  • [Server] Make teleporting to where you look at convenient [jao]
  • [Server] Allow vote-kicking players with same auth level [jao]
  • [Server] Require sv_vote_kick_min only on team 0 votes [jao]
  • [Server] Disable unused tiles only for DDNet entities [jao]
  • [Server] New server icon based on "Game Server" icon by Deepz from the Noun Project (Creative Commons CCBY) [daverck]
  • [Server] Add autoban depending on client version [ChillerDragon]
  • [Server/Client] Merge BW support into IsDDNet [fokkonaut]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 11.7.2

  • [Client] Show markers in demo browser
  • lots of fixes
Full list of git changes

DDNet 11.6.1

  • [Client] Christmas skin event
  • [Server] Improved networking performance
  • [Server] Fallback for /save when database is unreachable
  • [Server] Remove /modhelp command
  • [Server] Improve sv_join_vote_delay against vote bots
  • [Mapping] Add toggle_tune command
Full list of git changes

DDNet 11.5.1

  • [Mapping] Add option to automatically run the automapper [Bojidar]
  • [Mapping] Save automapper config in map [Bojidar]
  • [Mapping] Improved Teleport Gun [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] Fix Race scoreboard ordering for times > 166 minutes
  • [Server] Allow to use /pausevoted as normal pause [ChillerDragon]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 11.4.6

  • [Editor] Left align menu texts like server settings. [timakro]
  • [Editor] Allow choosing game layer entities for different gametypes. [timakro]
  • [Editor] Implement brush saving, see #1111.
  • [Editor] Fixed a crash: #1362
  • [Editor] Fix embedding vanilla images and not others.
  • [Editor] Reset scroll when search text changes.
  • [Editor] Mark unused envelopes.
  • [Client] Updated Chinese translations. [yangfl]
  • [Client] Improve the teleblocker tile, thanks to Ravie.
  • [Client] Update GL and LY flags.
  • [Client] Small code optimizations.
  • [Client] Removed unused cl_flow and cl_eventthread.
  • [Client] Increase max score that can be displayed in scoreboard. [fokkonaut]
  • [Server/Client] Updated libraries that DDNet depends on.
  • [Server] DNSBL is now ignored on "empty" servers.
  • [Map] Add support for extra map items in datafiles.
Full list of git changes

DDNet 11.4.4

  • Don't copy alpha when coloring the brush [bojidar-bg]
  • Optimize automapper a bit [Aerll]
  • Ability to select multiple quads [Aerll]
  • Fixed a bug where you could not vote on a server with spoofed clients
  • Fix crash with FillSelection
  • Add a filter for "(connecting)" players
  • Fix cl_nameplates_own with antiping on when spectating
  • Add a toggle button for brush coloring [bojidar-bg]
  • grass_main automapper fix Ravie
  • Add some UI for the skin prefix stuff
  • Fix dnsbl initialization
  • Fixed a segfault (crash)
  • Limit demo speed to 64 (thanks to fokkonaut for report)
  • Fix crash when filling selection on tele/switch/speedup layers [bojidar-bg]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 11.3.1

  • New gameplay feature: Teleport weapons (gun, grenade, laser) and 7 new tiles (on & off for each weapon and teleblock) [code by: Ryozuki, timakro; graphics by: necropotame, forsaken and hi_leute_gll]
  • Fix hidpi resolution issue on macOS [weez15]
  • Require DNSBL check on /modhelp [Learath2]
  • Update /modhelp
  • Added skin prefix [fokkonaut]
  • Fix votespec on /pause, fixes #1193 [ChillerDragon]
  • Removed a bunch of unused client scripts
  • Updated translations to include new strings [rffontenelle]
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation [rffontenelle]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 11.2.1

  • Add commands for switching pages in console [ChillerDragon]
  • Fix unwanted dummy fire [ChillerDragon]
  • Fix help for /showall command [ChillerDragon]
  • Fix veto [ZombieToad]
  • Fix pause messages [ZombieToad]
  • Fix a serverbrowser bug [ZombieToad]
  • Add a way to call for external moderator help (extends /modhelp)
  • Use a more secure hash function for map downloads
  • Fix dyncam not saving [z6zzz]
  • Fix pain emote immunity with jetpack [Piepow]
  • Add cl_nameplates_own for demo recording
  • Allow some key binds in editor when GUI is hidden
  • Add new freeze automap rule [ChillerDragon]
  • By default, don't embed vanilla images
Full list of git changes

DDNet 11.1.9

  • [Client] Add cl_show_hook_coll_always
  • [Client] Allow low mousesens [ChillerDragon]
  • [Server] Add vote_ban rcon command [ChillerDragon]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 11.1.4

  • New buffer system and text renderer to support buffering of HUD, text and map components that are displayed ingame [Jupeyy]
  • Add /pausevoted and /specvoted
  • Add /modhelp chat command [Ryozuki]
  • Chinese translation fixes [QingGo]
  • Catalan translation fixes [Ryozuki]
  • Database records for finishes now also save the client version [Learath2]
  • Better integration of teehistorian files [Learath2]
  • Remove unused inp_grab
  • Some CMake changes
  • Fix a UI/UX bug [Learath2]
  • Update websockets implementation (required by the Debian packaging guideline)
  • Fix bundled pnglite
  • Fix bunbled wavpack when system wavpack is available
  • Updated instructions for installing dependencies
  • Fix dyncam confusion [Learath2]
  • More space for clan name in scoreboard [Learath2]
  • Fix UI break on protuguese [Learath2]
  • Don't log out on `sv_rcon{,_mod,_helper}_password` if not changed
  • Removed teamkill message on solo teams
  • Added broadcast importance (timer broadcast overwrote other broadcasts on non-ddnet clients) [ChillerDragon]
  • Added name banning
  • Added more dummy settings (cl_control_dummy, cl_dummy_jump, cl_dummy_fire) [QingGo]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 11.0.3

  • OpenGL 3 graphics support for better zooming out [Jupeyy]
  • Teehistorian: record player inputs on server
  • Ghost and demo recorder rework (teerace compatible) [Redix]
  • /pause [name] and /spec [name] to watch a specific player immediately
  • Improve server browser spoofing protection
  • More customizable HUD options (cl_showemotes, cl_shownotifications, cl_show_chat_system)
  • Rcon moderate mode [Ryozuki]
  • Reconnecting doesn't unmute you anymore
  • FNG mod entities [noby]
  • Fix crashes in client and server
Full list of git changes

DDNet 10.8.6

  • Replace versionsrv with ddnet-info.json
  • Add control for 'Toggle Ghost'
  • Add 'install', 'package' to CMake
  • Fix DDNet tab for WinXP
  • Update Brazillian Portuguese translation [rffontenelle]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 10.8.3

  • Show finished maps in serverbrowser
  • Fix ghost and demo storage [Redix]
  • Fix memory leaks [HMH]
  • Fix CMake build for macOS
  • Add time to log messages on console
  • Use UTF8 in database to ensure all names are usable
  • Fixed map_resave tool and added map_replace_image [sctt]
  • Add unit testing capabilities
  • Initialize graphics later to allow user resolutions
  • Update simplified Chinese translation [ACTom]
  • Update Russian translation [Deeper]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 10.7.1

  • Fix cases where a worse finish time was displayed
  • Add Ctrl-F support to the serverbrowser and to the skin list
  • Remove rcon username prompt on servers that don't require it
  • Fat tees
  • Add kitty skins by [Ravie]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 10.7

  • Seperate out libraries from the main repository
  • Add a scrollbar to the controls tab
  • Fix demo slicing
  • Fix icons for executables
Full list of git changes

DDNet 10.6.5

  • Can't spectate yourself when /pause'd [Learath2]
  • Always close files, cleaner demo recording, fix some other stuff
  • Don't open map file again if we have it open already
  • Update translations and translation scripts
  • Lots of Windows fixes
  • Fix linux opusfile linking
  • Show X and Y coordinates in map editor
  • Distribute map_diff
  • Fix disappearing switches in editor
  • Support ctrl-l to load map in editor
Full list of git changes

DDNet 10.6.4

  • Fix map_extract usage a bit
  • Fix cmake build of map_extract
  • Add sv_check_teleport_hold_hook map setting [timakro]
  • Use sv_teleport_hold_hook also for checkpoint tele [timakro]
  • Forbid escaping base directory
  • Add toggling for string options [Learath2]
  • Fix set_team_ddr doc
  • Support pageup, pagedown, home, end buttons in menus
  • Fixed scoreboard update for slow racers [ChillerDragon]
  • String toggling supports escaped strings
Full list of git changes

DDNet 10.6.3

  • Add option to disable long pain sound
  • Update the range of sv_default_timer_type [Learath2]
  • Fix old maps by removing unused tiles
  • Get rid of a wrong dbg_assert that can crash the server [Ryozuki]
  • Add tool to extract images and sounds from maps
  • Add map_extract to distribution
Full list of git changes

DDNet 10.6.2

  • Fix a login crash
  • Prevent data race when initializing loggers
  • Dissable dbg_stress in release builds
  • Change some default configs
Full list of git changes

DDNet 10.6.1

DDNet 10.6

  • Reworked pause [Leararth2]
  • Tees must now be teamed up before loading [Leararth2]
  • Reimplemented sv_pause_frequency [Leararth2]
  • Random tees can't load saves [Leararth2]
  • Don't show ips to non-administrators on rcon (a.k.a moderators and helpers) [Ryozuki]
  • Don't block when logging queue is full, instead ignore the messages
  • Add own time to /mapinfo
  • Update timestamp in team rank (fixes discord bot)
  • Show more precise coords in debug [d3fault]
  • Fix invite spam [Leararth2]
  • Add ratelimiting and config options for invite [Leararth2]
  • Reset invites when team is empty [Leararth2 + heinrich5991]
  • Add show angle in debug [d3fault]
  • Change behaviour for kick votes in teams [Leararth2]
  • Prevent vote spam [Leararth2]
  • CSV file instead of statboard screenshot [SheikhZayx]
  • cl_cpu_throttle_inactive can be set higher than 1
  • Prenet invites in solo server
  • /pause'd players stay in player list [Leararth2]
Full list of git changes

DDNet 10.5

DDNet 10.4.3

DDNet 10.3.5

DDNet 10.2.1

DDNet 10.1.1

  • [Client] Add cl_showpred 1 to show prediction time (similar to ping) ingame (by Ryozuki)
  • [Editor] Add auto gametile placer for hookthrough (by timakro)
  • [Editor] Merge buttons for tele, switch, tune and speedup layer into one (by BannZay)
  • [Client] Jump to the next word when pressing CTRL+arrowkey in chat (by Henningstone)
  • [Client] Make cl_show_ids also show client ids in chat
  • [Client] Add gfx_highdpi 1 for experimental High-DPI screen support
  • [Client] Add inp_mouseold 1 for old mouse input
  • [Client] Improve fullscreen in Gnome
  • [Client] Improve handling of multiple screens
  • [Client] Disable input when window focus lost
  • [Client] Show DDNet entities by default, fixes invisible freeze after joining (thanks to kamillentee)
  • [Client] Pressing shift makes sliders in various menus move slower
  • [Client] Sort demos case-insensitively
  • [Client] Reconnect on timeout to last address, not the one selected in browser
  • [Client] Fix br_filter_exclude_countries including the values from br_filter_exclude_types (by timakro)
  • [Client] Fix autoupdater on windows XP
  • [Client] Fix local console auto completion
  • [Client] Fix "vanilla skins only" setting in menu
  • [Client] Fix buffer overflow when pasting text (thanks to Im 'corneum)
  • [Client] Add support for old race server racetime messages in HUD, including checkpoint time difference
  • [Client] Add client setting cl_ignored_modifiers to ignore a set of keyboard modifiers, 0 ignores nothing, use these values to ignore certain modifiers
  • [Client] Immediately accept input while console is still opening
  • [Client] Disable antiping on solo servers and in solo parts
  • [Server/Client] Fix fifo console bug that caused a crash (by Henningstone)
  • [Server/Client] Fix fifo console to remove newlines from commands
  • [Server/Client] Fix fifo console on Mac OS X (by HMH)
  • [Server/Client] Clean up debug messages
  • [Server] More uniform output of /times (thanks to Soreu)
  • [Server] Make sv_join_vote_delay work for /map votes and make the number of seconds configurable
  • [Server] Don't show /top5 from rank 0 on (by Henningstone)
  • [Server] Don't allow restarting after touching finish line on solo server
  • [Editor] Make envelopes unsynchronized by default and explain the setting better
  • [Editor] Reorder auto gametile placers (by hi_leute_gll)
  • [Editor] Rename some auto gametile placers (by timakro)
  • [Editor] Explain the unused button when a mapper tries to place a unused tile with the button turned off
  • [Editor] Fix gametile placer button and automapper button overlapping (by timakro)
  • [Editor] Fix size of popups
  • [Editor] Fix ed_showkeys with mousewheel
  • [Mapping] Fix sv_deepfly, works now (by timakro)
  • [Installation] Fix debian installation instructions
  • [Translation] Fix persian and simplified_chinese language files syntax (by timakro)
Full list of git changes

DDNet 10.0.3

  • [Client] Switched to SDL2, allows pasting from clipboard and a better compatibility with new environments (mostly by swick & oy)
  • [Server/Client] Add a faster and easier to use hookthrough tile, read the tutorial (by timakro)
  • [Client] Added overlay entities support for other gametypes including OpenFNG and Race (by Soreu & timakro)
  • [Client] Update mapping and overlay entities (by Soreu)
  • [Client] Add client setting cl_show_local_time_always 1 if true show the current time ingame at the top of the screen
  • [Client] Rename cl_reconnect_ban to cl_reconnect_timeout
  • [Client] Remove cl_reconnect_full and cl_reconnect_full_timeout, set cl_reconnect_timeout or cl_reconnect_full to 0 to deactivate reconnecting now
  • [Client] Add function to remove messages from demo when slicing it
  • [Client] Add client command demo_speed i[speed] to set the demo playing speed
  • [Client] Remove ingame network tab to show browser and ghost tab directly
  • [Client] Show ingame ghost tab only on race servers (by Henningstone)
  • [Client] Alert if layer size is bigger than 1000 to prevent unnecessary huge layers
  • [Client] Add shorcut key F5 or CTRL+R to reload server and demo browser
  • [Client] Make double click work on votes
  • [Client] Key up/down in serverbrowser doesn't change friend list
  • [Client] Make fading border in menu more customizeable (by Soreu & timakro)
  • [Client] Fix: No tab selected when joining server from news page
  • [Client] Fix: gfx_resizable on by default with X11
  • [Server] Add server settings sv_connlimit=4 and sv_connlimit_time=20 to control the number of connections an IP is allowed to do in a timespan
  • [Development] Allow autoupdater to update DLL files (by Learath2)
  • [Editor] Prevent placing unused tiles, mapping for other gametypes requires activating the 'Unused' button now!
  • [Editor] Rearrange editor buttons to fit for 5:4 resolutions and a cleaner look (by timakro)
  • [Mapping] Add map setting sv_deepfly=1 if false deepfly doesn't work anymore, useful for dummy maps (by timakro)
  • [Mapping] Improve automapper for ddnet_tiles.png (by hi_leute_gll)
Full list of git changes

DDNet 9.3.1

  • [Server] New unlock team tile which unlocks the team if one of the teammembers touches it, already added to a lot of dummy maps
  • [Server] The server congratulates you to your DDNet birthday if you join a server on the day you finished your first map
  • [Client] Fix: No antiping in demo player or when spectating
  • [Client] Optimize PNGs in filesize
  • [Server/Client] Fix: Hammer hit isn't predicted by antiping when hammer is off
  • [Server] Killer of locked team will get strong hook on respawn (by HMH)
  • [Server] sv_hide_score now also hides the answer of /rank and /teamrank to everyone except the requester
  • [Translation] Add persian language (by OneShadow)
  • [Translation] Add font support for chinese, japanese, korean in the language list (by awaysoft)
Full list of git changes

DDNet 9.2

  • [Client] Add quick search for skin selection (by timakro)
  • [Server] No respawn delay on suicide else possiblity to respawn instantly by firing (by HMH)
  • [Client] Fix memory leak that occured when playing with dummy
  • [Client] Fix: Move kill messages down in case fps is shown (by timakro)
  • [Server] Veto right applies to people who are on a server instead of in a race for a long time
  • [Server] New config option sv_join_vote_delay=1 if true you have to wait 60 seconds after joining until you can vote, doesn't apply when joining empty servers (by heinrich5991)
  • [Server] New config option sv_server_info_per_second=50 to control how many complete server info responses are maximal sent per second, fixes DoS vulnerability (by heinrich5991)
  • [Translation] Tons of additions to the chinese language (by awaysoft)
  • [Translation] Improve catalan translation (by Ryozuki)
Full list of git changes

DDNet 9.1

  • [Client] Add selection of eye emotes to the emote selector (#317, #373)
  • [Server] Add a new rcon access level "helper" (#356)
  • [Client] Add config option `cl_save_settings` that can disable saving the config on closing (#352)
  • [Client] Add config option `cl_text_entities` to disable slow rendering of entities with text (#340)
  • [Client] Fix a constant in the UTF-8 decoder (#332)
  • [Client] Fix an envelopes bug (#339)
  • [Client] Fix antiping config handling, stop subconfigs from resetting on restart (#333)
  • [Client] Fix background map setting in 5:4 resolution (ecc9cbfe)
  • [Client] Fix dummy input behaving weirdly sometimes (#364)
  • [Client] Fix game layer rendering depending on the order they appear in the map (#343)
  • [Client] Fix the UI of the "Vanilla Skins only" setting (24f97361)
  • [Client] Fix the menu music playing ingame (#350)
  • [Client] Fix weapon rotation around the top (#369)
  • [Client] Increase width of the date column in the demo browser (865d5095)
  • [Client] Replace `cl_show_new_skins` and `cl_show_custom_skins` with `cl_vanilla_skins_only` (ed49e321)
  • [Client] Reset stat scoreboard when the game restarts (#366)
  • [Client] Securely generate the random client port (#396)
  • [Client] Stop the ingame server browser from reloading when clicking a tab again (#342)
  • [Development] Add NetBSD support (522c4133, from vanilla #1165)
  • [Development] Cross-compile improvements (fca4c112, d4fe267c)
  • [Development] Fix MySQL building on OS X (#317)
  • [Development] Fix linking of libdl on some systems (3f094bf..596ee341)
  • [Development] Make OS X build forward compatible (#361)
  • [Editor] Fix crash when opening files without transparency information, i.e. RGB instead of RGBA (aa4bbed1)
  • [Server/Client] Add description to console command arguments (#389)
  • [Server/Client] Allow setting config variables to the empty string (2874e18c)
  • [Server] Add a config option `sv_dragger_range` to adjust the range of draggers (#323)
  • [Server] Add a config option `sv_sql_create_tables` to not try to create the record tables if they don't exist (336e9165)
  • [Server] Add a message that specifies who killed a race team (#367)
  • [Server] Add an option to reload the map once the server becomes empty (#355)
  • [Server] Don't reset timeout protection status on rejoin (d1c05515)
  • [Server] Fix a thread handle leak on Windows (74879237)
  • [Server] Fix name equality checking a few times (#385, #386)
  • [Server] Only log name changes when the name actually changes (f20a6a49)
  • [Server] Security: Fix registering vulnerability (#359)

DDNet 9.0.2

  • Save server settings inside the map file, can be edited in editor, server sends map version with configs in the map, config_store and config_retrieve tools (by heinrich5991)
  • [Client] Use a map as custom entities background, %current% for the current map (by Chairn)
  • [Client] Sort demos in demo browser by name or date (by east)
  • [Client] New file names for manual and auto demo recorder including map name
  • [Client] Highlight notifications work on Mac OS X (by HMH)
  • [Client] Add cl_chat_reset to disable the chat from being reset by pressing ESC
  • [Client] Demo player pause/unpause can be bound to a key and scoreboard hidden (by Savander)
  • [Client] Hide console window on Windows by default (cl_show_console)
  • [Client] Fix double clicking on friend who's in first server (by Chairn)
  • [Client] Fix chat highlighting (by east & Learath2)
  • [Client] Fix race recorder
  • [Client] Fix frozen input when leaving a server with active chat (by Oy)
  • [Client] Fix frozen spec window when unpausing
  • [Client] Fix and improve dyncam bind and settings
  • [Client] Fix server browser to always load servers when first starting
  • [Client] Fix country flags for Catalan and Europe (by Soreu)
  • [Server] Improved security against spoofing attacks (by east)
  • [Server] New autoexec_server.cfg instead of autoexec.cfg (with Soreu)
  • [Server] Make rejoining session possible before timeout protection triggers (by east)
  • [Server] Make team locking an option
  • [Server] Fix timeout protection problems (by east)
  • [Server] Fix: No two players with same name
  • [Server] Fix: /map and /mapinfo work better
  • [Server] Fix: Prevent solo finish when saving
  • [Editor] HSV Color picker (by BeaR)
  • [Editor] Switches can be set with number 0
  • [Editor] Fix mouse hang with editor popup
  • [Mapping] Add sv_teleport_lose_weapons for some race maps
  • [Mapping] Update jungle_main.rules (by hi_leute_gll)
  • [Mapping] Fix collision bug with weapon projectiles (by BeaR)
  • [Mapping] Fix: Tunes are reset by default

DDNet 8.1.1

  • [Client] Add country flags for Europe and Catalonia
  • [Client] Bind chat on enter/return by default as well
  • [Client] Dyncam bind saves special mousesens (by Shiki)
  • [Client] Sort spectators by name in scoreboard
  • [Client] Add friends and foes commands to list them in console
  • [Client] Make clan optional when adding and removing friends and foes
  • [Client] Fix: Only print MOTD to console when it's not empty
  • [Server] Show average time in /mapinfo
  • [Mapping] Add basic_freeze automappers (by hi_leute_gll and timakro)
  • [Mapping] Add generic_clear automappers (by hi_leute_gll)
  • [Mapping] Fix desert_mountains_new_foreground (by hi_leute_gll)

DDNet 8.0.2

  • [Client] Allow spectating other players and freeview in demo player (especially fun with /showall and /showothers on)
  • [Client] Add foes feature to permanantly ignore players (F1, add_foe only)
  • [Client] Use temporary file for saving config to prevent broken configs
  • [Client] Fix: Make add_demomarker working in all recorders (by east)
  • [Client] Fix highlighting in demo playback (by east)
  • [Client] Fix: TAB in console doesn't influence server browser
  • [Client] Fix scroll bar in server control votes when search bar is used
  • [Client] Fix saving of config file on Windows
  • [Client] Fix and improve spectator mode in demo viewer
  • [Client] Print MOTD to the console
  • [Server] Add switch_open to set the initial state of a switch to open
  • [Server] Fix support for 0 stars in database
  • [Server] Fix /mapinfo with mixed case server names (DDmaX)
  • [Editor] Fix envelope button color (by timakro)
  • [Editor] Save twice as fast (hopefully doesn't break anything)
  • [Editor] Add "Save copy" button so that filename is not changed
  • [Editor] Add ctrl+shift+s for "save as" and ctrl+shift+alt+s for "save copy"
  • [Editor] Zoom faster by holding down numpad +/- (by Chairn)
  • [Mapping] Add basic_freeze automapper rules (by timakro)

DDNet 7.9.1

  • [Client] Show all recorders at top of scoreboard
  • [Client] Sort players in server browser by name too
  • [Client] Fix statboard for some resolutions
  • [Client] Fix saving of favorite IPv6 servers (by east)
  • [Client] Fix demo cutter to add .demo file ending
  • [Client] Improved German translations (by timakro)
  • [Mapping] Add many nice mapres to the client (thanks to Soreu)
  • [Mapping] Improved grass_main/0.7 automappers (by hi_leute_gll)
  • [Mapping] Rename mapres to have consistent names
  • [Editor] Scroll speedup angles by 45° (finer with shift)
  • [Editor] Fix: Show degrees sign in values selector
  • [Server] Veto right for players with high time (20 minutes) to stop map change votes
  • [Server] Only allow /save when team is started already to prevent saving after noobfilter
  • [Server] Make /map and /mapinfo work for maps with really similar names
  • [Server] Show nice messages to known bot clients
  • [Server] Fix /map and /mapinfo with special unicode characters
  • [Server] Fix: Only disallow team changing/killing when calling kick/spec votes
  • [Server] Fix: Vote callers never count as afk
  • [Compilation] Use system libraries by default when available (should enable building DDNet on any platform and OS)

DDNet 7.8.2

  • [Client] 64bit Windows version available
  • [Client] Fix: Error out on invalid UTF-8 strings (by heinrich5991)
  • [Client] Add size variable for clan plates
  • [Client] Fix: Make TAB always work in serverbrowser
  • [Client] Add automatic antiping based on ping
  • [Client] Add support to show clan above name plates
  • [Client] Improve Android client
  • [Client] Show full time in scoreboard even when minutes are over 100
  • [Client] Fix autorecorder again (by east)
  • [Client] Better Polish translations (by Savander and Lady Saavik)
  • [Client] Add Catalan translations (by Ryozuki)
  • [Client] More reasonable default key bindings
  • [Editor] Ctrl-s doesn't ask about overwriting anymore
  • [Editor] Highlight game layers
  • [Editor] Make a few value selectors wrap around
  • [Editor] Display local time in editor so mappers don't lose track of it
  • [Mapping] Improved grass_main and round-tiles automapper rules (by hi_leute_gll)
  • [Server] If no rcon password is set, generate one (by heinrich5991)
  • [Server] Add sv_rescue_delay and rename sv_allow_rescue to sv_rescue
  • [Server] /mapinfo shows release dates now
  • [Server] Fix excessive name/skin changing
  • [Server] Hopefully fix problem where timeout code sometimes doesn't work
  • [Server] Update unicode confusable detection

DDNet 7.7.3

  • [Client] Detailed statboard for vanilla gaming (by Shiki)
  • [Client] Dyncam remembers settings (by Shiki)
  • [Client] Enable timeouts and low speed limits for HTTP downloads
  • [Client] Only refresh serverbrowser when necessary
  • [Client] Fix bug with 'Join Red' and 'Spectate' buttons sharing same state variable (by Shiki)
  • [Client] Fix console page color
  • [Editor] Fix a few freezes and crashes and make them recoverable
  • [Mapping] Freeze tiles on switch layer can be switched off
  • [Server] Fix start info spam protection
  • [Server] Fix crash with doors
  • [Server] Fix banning of websocket clients (by eeeee)

DDNet 7.6.1

  • [Client] New game tiles (by Soreu)
  • [Client] Improve antiping prediction of collision between players (by nuborn)
  • [Client] Fix dummy connect delay (by east)
  • [Client] Disable buttons while dummy is connecting
  • [Client] Fix: Resend player and dummy info if it was filtered by server (by timakro)
  • [Client] Hopefully fix player move on dummy connect
  • [Client] Fix popup title overflow on disconnect
  • [Client] Fix client crash
  • [Editor] Go back in envelopes with right mouse click
  • [Editor] Move "Add Sound" button down for 5:4 resolutions
  • [Editor] Fix: On switch layer correct delay number when filling
  • [Server] Disallow spectators to participate in kick votes
  • [Server] Rename rifle_fire_delay tuning to laser_fire_delay

DDNet 7.5

  • [Client] Render kill messages with DDRace team color (with cl_chat_teamcolors 1)
  • [Client] Fix autoupdater on Windows XP (with Learath2)
  • [Client] Fix voting problems
  • [Client] Fix map saving with RGB images by converting them to RGBA
  • [Client] Fix compilation on new OS X systems
  • [Editor] Allow to exit editor value selectors with mouse clicks (by HMH)
  • [Editor] Fix rendering of images in editor when scrolling
  • [Mapping] Add black tile to ddnet-walls (by Saavik)
  • [Server] Add /r, /rescue: teleport yourself out of freeze (disabled by default, sv_allow_rescue 1 in config to enable)

DDNet 7.4

  • [Client] Fix quad rendering with colors (by BeaR)
  • [Client] Hopefully fix map download crashes (by Learath2)
  • [Client] Fix too big popup titles
  • [Client] Fix spacing in browser menu search
  • [Client] No more sun for unfreeze entity
  • [Editor] Improved envolpe switching and deleting (by HMH)
  • [Editor] Resize font in editor to show full image and sound name
  • [Server] Fix: Don't let players fall outside of map without dying
  • [Server] Fix refill jumps with 1 jump (by timakro)
  • [Server] /teamrank (for /rankteam) and /teamtop5 (for /top5team) also work now

DDNet 7.3.5

  • [Client] New autoupdater (by Learath2)
  • [Client] Search in the vote calling menu
  • [Client] TAB key in server browser switches between Filter, Info, Friends
  • [Client] New demo format to fix crashes (by BeaR)
  • [Client] Fix crash with demo viewing (by BeaR)
  • [Client] Fix crash with demo cutting
  • [Client] Changed unfreeze tile ingame (by Saavik)
  • [Mapping] Automapper improvements (by timakro and hi_leute_gll)
  • [Mapping] Add ddmax-freeze tileset with automapper (by timakro)
  • [Mapping] Fix entities a bit (by timakro)
  • [Mapping] BONUS tile that reduces your time (only for special maps)
  • [Server] Add security tokens to protocol (by eeeee)
  • [Client+Server] Ninja Jetpack prediction (by timakro)

DDNet 7.2.1

  • [Client] Kill & emoticons are cloned with cl_dummy_copy_moves
  • [Mapping] Tons of automapper features (by timakro)
  • [Server] Fix: Release hook when player changes team

DDNet 7.1

  • [Client] Dummy copies moves (by Tobii)
  • [Client] Fix fast file download for some filenames (by Learath2)
  • [Mapping] Fire delay tunings
  • [Mapping] Automapper rules for generic_unhookable (+0.7) (by hi_leute_gll)
  • [Server] Support for JS clients (by eeeee)

DDNet 7.0

  • [Client] Faster map download using HTTP for DDNet maps (by Learath2)
  • [Client] Fix highlighting color in F1
  • [Server] Fix: Make /map work with #

DDNet 6.6.8

  • [Client] Antiping: prediction of weak/strong hook (by trml)
  • [Mapping] New tile: Refill jumps (by timakro)
  • [Mapping] Fix water mapres (by Soreu, found by hi_leute_gll)
  • [Client] Fix: No jetpack prediction on DDNet incompatible servers
  • [Client] Add default zoom setting
  • [Mapping] Add hook duration tune
  • [Server] Various fixes
  • [Client] Fix: Still allow to find clan mates when clan is ignored in friends
  • [Client] Highlight broadcasts in console as well
  • [Client] Show the function of search and exclusion edit boxes when empty (Suggestion by Saavik)
  • [Client] Fix friend display when clan doesn't match
  • [Editor] Change colors again
  • [Editor] Fix: Correct images are reported for embedding
  • [Mapping] Add better hookable entity (by Soreu)
  • [Mapping] Add water tileset (by Soreu)
  • [Server] Fix master server registration on Windows
  • [Server] Make prediction work with unsolo command
  • [Server] Prevent spam with SQL messages
  • [Client] Browser: Remove "pure" exclamation mark
  • [Client] Browser: Flexible map column size
  • [Client] Browser: "Reset filter" also resets DDNet Country and Type exclusion lists
  • [Client] Browser: Fix: Clan is ignored when searching for friends
  • [Client] Browser: Fix: Save that you were on settings tab
  • [Client] Highlight in console
  • [Editor] Add detection whether an image and sound has to be embedded and redesign colors
  • [Server] Only allow savegames in one country to prevent cheats
  • [Server] Allow to set country where you can load savegame (e.g. /save ZAF CODE for South Africa)
  • [Server] Disable hook when /spec is used

DDNet 6.5

  • [Client] Filter DDNet servers by type
  • [Client] Exclusion in quick search
  • [Client] Clean up menus
  • [Client] Ignore clan when searching for friends
  • [Client] One AntiPing setting for everything
  • [Client] AntiPing: Smoke trails of grenades (by BeaR)
  • [Client+Server] Set IP TOS value to low delay (might improve ping stability)
  • [Server] Fix possible crash

DDNet 6.4

  • [Mapping] Rectangular sounds and variable falloff distance (by BeaR)
  • [Mapping] Old sound maps can be converted to new format by loading and saving in editor (by BeaR)
  • [Mapping] round-tiles fixed (by Soreu)
  • [Client] Antiping for weapons added again (by nuborn)
  • [Client] cl_show_decisecs 0 to get back timer from Vanilla at top of screen
  • [Client] Fix sound cutoff for looped sounds and make sound offset threshold dependent on the size of the audio buffer
  • [Client] Send timeout code later (fixes timeout code entering issues, fixes timeout protection not working realiably with dummy)
  • [Server+Client] Minor optimizations and fixes

DDNet 6.3

  • [Client] Allow for more than 9 DDNet locations
  • [Client] Add unicode support for console output on Windows (by heinrich5991)
  • [Client] Fix duplicate skin handling
  • [Client] Demos show race time in scoreboard
  • [Client] HD flag works for sounds
  • [Client] Fix double click recognition in menu
  • [Client] Fix demo saving
  • [Editor] Fix editor in Images & Sounds views when GUI is deactivated
  • [Mapping] New entities for better visibility of hookables (by Tee 3D)
  • [Server] ASCII confusable detection to prevent name faking
  • [Server] sv_solo_server for easier solo servers (also working for tunezones finally)
  • [Server] Fix infrequent segfault when server shuts down immediately
  • [Server] Minor ping improvement on empty server (serverbrowser)

DDNet 6.2.1

  • [Mapping] Fix editor sound replacing (by BeaR)
  • [Client] Remove Bandana Brothers skins (use skinpacks instead)
  • [Client] Make sound more accurate
  • [Client] Don't render useless CTele-in number
  • [Client] gfx_text_overlay to stop rendering text at far distances
  • [Server] Improve performance and ping
  • [Server] Improve /rank performance

DDNet 6.1.3

  • [Mapping] Use opus codec for map sounds instead of wavpack (with help by BeaR)
  • [Client] Antiping for Weapons improved, might also work for Vanilla (by nuborn)
  • [Client] Add bind for dyncam to settings
  • [Server] Balance sending of vote options (by east)

DDNet 6.0.3

  • [Client] Flash window on chat highlight (Windows by BeaR & Linux)
  • [Client] Option for disabling gunfire
  • [Server] Delay of 1 minute for loading savegames
  • [Server] Fix solo zone + laser drag in spec
  • [Mapping] Map Sounds (by BeaR)
  • [Mapping] Fixed jungle_background (by 645654)
  • [Mapping] Fixed grass_main_0.7 (by Saavik) and automapper rules (by hi_leute_gll)
  • [Client] AntiPing for weapons (by nuborn)
  • [Client] Demo recording fixed
  • [Client] Quads look the same on every GPU (by BeaR)
  • [Client] Right click to decrease FSAA samples in menu (by Wohoo)
  • [Client] Don't clear rcon history when connecting to new server
  • [Editor] Shift + right click to delete a quad
  • [Editor] Fixed automapper rules (grass_main_0.7, ddnet-tiles, ddnet-walls, desert_main, fadeout, grass_main, jungle_main, round-tiles, winter_main, by timakro)
  • [Server] Show sleepy eyes when a player is paused
  • [Server] /mapinfo shows more information

DDNet 5.3

  • [Client] Skin name in skin selector (by Savander)
  • [Client] Sort player completion (TAB) by name
  • [Client] Shift + TAB to invert completion order in chat (by Wohoo)
  • [Client] Automatically rcon-authenticate dummy on connection if player is authenticated already
  • [Client] Add cl_zoom_background_layers (set to 0 to keep background nice when zoomed out)
  • [Mapping] New "Entities off" sign
  • [Editor] Scale quad point selection indicator with zoomlevel (by BeaR)
  • [Editor] Zoom into cursor position (by BeaR)
  • [Editor] Fix: Consistently allow rotations and flipping in editor
  • [Server] Vote random map with defined number of stars (add number as reason)
  • [Server] Vote random unfinished map with defined number of stars (add number as reason)
  • [Server] Show stars in /mapinfo
  • [Server] Spectated tee can be changed more often

DDNet 5.1

  • [Client] Sort ingame menus (by laxa)
  • [Client] Print broadcasts in console (by laxa)
  • [Client] Add button to select whether to reset wanted weapon on death (by laxa)
  • [Editor] Fix editor input on Android
  • [Editor] Fix buggy envelope editor while tile picker is active
  • [Editor] Automapper support rotation (by timakro)
  • [Editor] Disable key inputs in editor when typing in a field
  • [Editor] Fix: Selecting quads works after having rotated one
  • [Server] Kill protection: Prevent joining to spectators (by Savander)
  • [Server] Lock works for single player teams
  • [Server] Fix: Log player out of rcon after timeout protection was used
  • [Server] Check whether team has finished once a player in the team kills
  • [Server] Add sv_player_demo_record (mostly from Teerace, not used on official DDNet Servers)
  • [Server] Fix a bunch of crashes on server demo recording

DDNet 5.0.2

  • [Client] DDNet page with all DDNet servers, filterable by country (by east)
  • [Client] Fix: Make the initial ping in serverbrowser less wrong (still not perfect)
  • [Client] Fix: Prevent animated server names and fake 0 pings in serverbrowser
  • [Client] Fix: also record a demo when the start line is on the front layer (by Tobii)
  • [Client] Fix: Show tune layer when cl_overlay_entities is less than 100
  • [Client] Fix: Separate timed-switch-activation and unsolo tiles in ingame-entities
  • [Client] Fix: Rcon spoofing protection bans clients after password change (by Tobii)
  • [Editor] automapper works without basetile (by timakro)
  • [Server] Add number of finishes to /mapinfo

DDNet 4.9.3

  • [Client] Fix clamping in network objects to prevent many crashes
  • [Client] Fix: Reset zoom when going out of spectate mode (in zcatch for example)
  • [Client+Server] Threaded logger output for fewer lags
  • [Server] Ignore user inputs when paused
  • [Server] Instead of banning players for reconnecting too often, make them wait 3 seconds
  • [Client] Use settings_ddnet.cfg instead of settings.cfg
  • [Client] Add switch to disable CPU throttle when window is inactive
  • [Client] Unix only: FIFO console (as in server)
  • [Client] Add demo speed setting in menu
  • [Client] Don't show quit popup on update
  • [Client] Fix: Android controls working again
  • [Client] Fix: Only use rcon spoofing protection on ddnet servers as it's buggy on others
  • [Client] Fix: Case insensitive map filenames on Windows
  • [Client] Fix: Repopulate demo list after closing demo player because a new demo could have been created
  • [Client] Fix: Remove damage indications when entering game
  • [Client] Fix: Don't crash on broken demo files
  • [Editor] Fix: Negative clipping width and height make no sense
  • [Server] Fix: Only set active weapon when it actually has ammo
  • [Server] Fix: Make /save reset switches

DDNet 4.8.4

  • [Client] Cut demos into parts and save them (by east)
  • [Client] Fix: Don't render hooks to non-active character cores (by east)
  • [Client] Fix: 64 player server info in LAN tab (by Savander)
  • [Server] Kill protection (by Savander)
  • [Server] Faster /points and /top5points
  • [Server] Switch /pause and /spec with sv_pauseable 1
  • [Server] Fix: Bullets don't explode when a player stands in their way (by Tobii)
  • [Client] Also show all players for 32 player servers in serverbrowser
  • [Client] Half transparent chat and emoticons with /showothers
  • [Client] Recording with multiple clients at the same time working
  • [Editor] Show current quad when pressing space
  • [Editor] Keys still work with TAB pressed
  • [Editor] Don't show proof lines in editor when space is pressed
  • [Server] Show time of players you're spectating
  • [Server] Timeout protection and crash fixes
  • [Server+Client] Protect from IP spoofing of rcon commands

DDNet 4.7.7

  • [Client] Automatic timeout protection on DDNet servers
  • [Client] Fix: Dummy really disconnects on map change
  • [Client] Display map name while downloading
  • [Client] Make emoticon selector reset when you point it in the middle
  • [Client] Allow disabling custom and new skins
  • [Client] Disable joystick on non-android devices by default
  • [Server] /timeout protection for all clients
  • [Server] /specteam to only see players from your team when spectating
  • [Server] 1 minute punishment for saving to prevent abuse
  • [Server] Fixes for /save and /load
  • [Server] Add sv_shutdown_when_empty
  • [Server] Fix: Exclude dummies from spoof protection
  • [Server] Fix: Reset timeout protection when it's over
  • [Server] Add a timeout protection message
  • [Server] Timeout protection fixes

DDNet 4.6.3

  • [Server] Save a game in team using /save password (by HMH)
  • [Server] Bugs in /save fixed
  • [Server] Message about joining team 0 after you finish in team
  • [Client] Fix some default binds (pageup, pagedown)
  • [Client] Prevent dummy from reconnecting too often
  • [Client] Case insensitive player sort
  • [Client] Removed buggy speedup prediction
  • [Blocker] Disable rejoin to team 0 after finish
  • [Blocker] Add freeze hammer
  • and many more fixes

DDNet 4.5.2

  • [Mapping] A new DDNet start line (ddnet-start.png)
  • [Mapping] See in editor which images are used and which not
  • [Client] Added editor button, Cleanup of some menus, Ask before disconnect
  • [Client] Feature: Add cl_dummy_resetonswitch to reset dummy keys
  • [Client] Feature: Lots of color customization (by CookieMichal)
  • [Client] Major skin cleanup
  • [Client] Fix a few hangs
  • [Server] Players join team 0 after finishing in team (without /lock)

DDNet 4.4

  • [Client] Feature: Auto-Reconnect (by CookieMichal)
  • [Mapping] Add some Teeworlds 0.7 mapres
  • [Server] Feature: Show who locked and unlocked a team
  • [Server] Fix: Walljump works properly

DDNet 4.3.1

  • [Mapping] Feature: Wall jump tiles (put it next to wall)
  • [Client] Feature: CPU throttle in Settings → General
  • [Server] Feature: Vote a random map you haven't finished yet
  • [Server] Fix: Don't show draggers of players in solo part
  • [Server] Fix: You can keep pistol when going through armor entities

DDNet 4.2

  • [Client] Fix: Don't crash when standing on start line and connecting dummy
  • [Editor] Fix: Shifting front layer works
  • [Editor] Fix: Allow adding more than 33 images
  • [Editor] Fix: Show all images, no matter how many
  • [Server] Feature: undeep, unsolo on test server
  • Feature: News in client
  • Fix: News in correct directory
  • Fix: Jetpack tuning works with tunezones
  • Fix: Dummy can see 64 players on non-DDNet servers
  • Fix: Don't crash when standing on start line and connecting dummy

DDNet 3.9.6

  • Feature: Set how far to shift a layer in editor
  • Feature: Server works on older Linux systems
  • Fix: gfx_threaded_old 0 and gfx_asyncrender_old 0 for old computers
  • Fix: Image selection popups always visible in editor
  • Fix: Info with grid and animations works in editor
  • Fix: Dummy only connects to server when we're connected too

DDNet 3.8.3

  • Feature: Guns and draggers work for each player in a solo part individually
  • Feature: Old gun holding position
  • Fix: Still receive dummy whispers and team messages
  • Fix: Dummy should behave better
  • Fix: Key presses more visible

DDNet 3.7.3

  • Feature: cl_overlay_entities (0-100) instead of cl_show_entities
  • Feature: More colors in serverbrowser (thanks to NooBxGockeL & GamerClient)
  • Fix: Draw player direction arrows at different positions
  • Fix: Tunes with dummies (by HMH)
  • Fix: Better switching with dummy

DDNet 3.6

  • Feature: Inputs always work in freeze (on any DDRace server)
  • Feature: Hammerfly with dummy tee (more accurate now)
  • Feature: Dummy tee (thanks to //toast and Monsta, more stable now)
  • Feature: Show key presses (by unsigned char*)
  • Feature: Auto-Updater (thanks to unsigned char*)

DDNet 3.2

  • Feature: Jetpack prediction
  • Feature: More tunings for tune zones (jetpack_strength, hammer_strength, shotgun_strength, explosion_strength)
  • Feature: Better team differentiation ingame (colored nameplates and more transparency)
  • Feature: Add cl_show_other_hook_coll
  • Feature: Add sv_teleport_hold_hook
  • Fix: Timeouts, disconnects and game leaves no longer kill your entire locked team
  • Fix: Players don't disappear without 64 player client
  • Fix: hook collision line of other players works on yourself when you're paused
  • Fix: Show the server you're connected to in the server browser too
  • Fix: Remove projectiles when player dies

DDNet 3.0

  • Feature: Tune Zones allow you to have different physics in each part of map (by HMH) (Tutorial, Example, gravity.cfg (put it into data/maps right where your DDNet-Server binary is))
  • Feature: Prediction for stoppers and speedups (by v)
  • Feature: When a server has more than 16 players, the first 16 voters count
  • Feature: Mapres preview in editor
  • Feature: Show unpredicted shadow tee
  • Feature: Optionally don't show Ninja
  • Feature: New skins
  • Fix: Mac OS X version should work without extra libraries
  • Fix: Doors are properly reset in locked teams
  • Fix: Sounds settings make sense
  • Fix: Editor copy & paste is less buggy (by HMH)
  • Fix: No more annoying "player paused" and "player unpaused" messages
  • Fix: Newly joined players see ongoing votes
  • Fix: Crash on strange user inputs in console (by HMH)
  • Fix: Crash on screenshot