Map Features

  • Wall jump tiles (put it next to wall):
  • Tune Zones allow you to have different physics in each part of map (by HMH) (Tutorial, Example, gravity.cfg (put it into data/maps right where your DDNet-Server binary is))
  • Tiles for Penalty Time on touch on Switch layer. Touch the tile and time is added to your game time: (left is 1 second, right is 20 minutes, 4 seconds)
  • Switches work in Solo maps! (sv_team 3)
  • Use gun as Jetpack! (idea by îltróf™)
  • New entity: Set number of jumps (0 upwards) in Switch layer
  • Teleports for weapons and hook
  • New entities: Start and stop Player Collision, Hooking, Super Jump (PNGs included in Download)
  • Set maximum players for each team using sv_max_team_size