Starkiller finishes DDNet!


With a race time of over 16 hours Starkiller finished the run_antibuguse map yesterday. Thus Starkiller is now the first player on DDNet in many years to have finished all maps and by doing so earned 23005 points. Congratulations!

In total Starkiller finished all maps in a time of 48 days and 10 hours, with the longest time being over 17 hours on Binary and the shortest being NUT_short_race6 with just 2.22 seconds.

The current scoreboard:

Points (23005 total)

1.23005 ptsStarkillerGER
2.22287 ptsHaHAxD*GER
3.20753 ptsTyшkaNчukRUS
4.20551 ptsGrk0neCHL
5.19473 ptstrikiGER
6.19084 ptsmilkRUS
7.18968 ptsWombatGER
8.18364 ptsCorGER
9.17419 ptsBeirocBRA
10.17379 ptsgB. | KayumiGER
11.17328 ptsbanoGER
12.17233 ptsGoranBRA
13.16973 ptsLanuXGER
14.16611 ptsXiCHL
15.16386 ptsgL. | KenzoCHL
16.16326 pts<BµmM>GER
17.16062 ptsTropoGER
18.16055 ptsAoeGER
19.15992 ptsFreezestylerGER
20.15592 ptsForrisGER

You can use the Internet Archive to look at old versions of the DDNet Ranks:

  • In August 2013 *WuDL* was leading with just 728 points out of 1566 total
  • In October 2013 Aoe took the lead with 1220 points out of 2900 total (and it’s the only time I managed to be in the Top 10 of Global Points myself!)
  • In February 2014 aMu took over with 2447 points out of 4620 total
  • Finally in June 2014 we see milk, who was playing predominantly on the Russian server, appearing out of nowhere with 4985 points out of 6665
  • In January 2015 gB. | Kayumi is the first girl to top DDNet’s ranks with 7812 points out of 10254
  • But in April 2015 milk overtook her again with 9457 points out of 11323 and stayed in the lead even until February 2017 with 18683 points out of 20643

Inbetween I probably missed a few leaders (Wombat, TyшkaNчuk, HaHAxD* come to mind) since the Internet Archive was recording rather seldom.

If anyone has further information or a good memory please post it in the forum discussion.