4th Birthday Tournament #3

This tournament is played on Sunday, 2017-07-30 at 20:00 CEST as part of our 4th Birthday Tournament. As such this map is also part of the 4th Birthday Long Tournament.

Brutal Server

Back in the days 3

by Silex

Difficulty: ★★★✰✰, Points: 24
24 tees finished (average time: 158:51)
2 teams finished (biggest team: 5)

Team Records:

1.2017-07-30 22:27RUSFolugen, NISO&Graves, Vendetta, milk & triki
2.2017-07-30 23:06GER=645654=, Candyx*, EryX, Habibi57 & LanuX
3.2017-07-31 03:19GERTeam 0: Starkiller, failess, Paralix, vali, =phacrum=,
ChillerDragon, HaHAxD*, Miausuke, Freezestyler, S.O.S,
Moni, Gloriousitirity, Greeen & MoniFan<3