ZillyWoods Client


ZillyWoods is a Teeworlds 0.7 client with basic DDRace features written by ChillerDragon:

  • show game tiles cl_show_entities
  • EXPERIMENTAL ddrace editor support (switch,front,tele & speedup layers)
  • hook collision +showhookcoll
  • zoom zoom+;zoom-;zoom
  • 64 player scoreboard
  • A client dummy bind x "toggle cl_dummy 1 0"
  • Highlight admins red in scoreboard cl_show_admins
  • Show when spectators leave the server cl_show_silent_messages
  • Show prediction to server cl_showpred

Source code is available on GitHub.

ZillyWoods is not affiliated with or reviewed by DDNet directly, so use at your own risk.