Quick Tournament #51 on Not Naufrage 4 by SickCunt & Feuerfaust Ace


I’m happy to present you our first DDNet Tournament since the Steam release, the Insane (★✰✰✰✰) map “Not Naufrage 4” by SickCunt & Feuerfaust Ace:

The Tournament will be played on Sunday, August 30 at 18:00 CEST on special Tournament servers in every DDNet location. No one has seen the map yet and the first team to finish wins! The map is really hard and faily, so if you’re not a pro yet you might want to check out of the livestreams someone will surely be running! Stay tuned for more information!

Thanks to Ravie for testing the map! Discussion on the forum.

ZiKkie & Virus2k will stream the event in English.