Various New Features


There have been multiple smaller changes recently:

  1. We are trying to get Time Checkpoints on all released maps, useful for speedrunning! If you are a mapper with maps released on DDNet, please add Time Checkpoints to your new and existing maps! This helps speedrunners comparing to their best time. We have added this as a new rule for new maps, and are trying to cover existing maps. It should be easiest for mappers to add Time Checkpoints on their own maps. You can also use the /timecp <playername> command to see checkpoint times of another player.
  2. Map information now contains the number of times the map has been finished by individual people:
  3. Jupeyy reworked the skin database and added community, template, HD skin support!
  4. Player information now shows you when you were active (on any server, not just official DDNet):