N9mkOik botting


Yet again, we have exposed another botter among us: N9mkOik

It will come as no surprise to many. A lot players had a watch on him early on, since he quickly started doing top ranks while his name was still unknown. We already obeserved him when replay-bots started to become popular, but there never was definitive proof - until now. Ironically it was N9mkOik himself, who brought him to our attention again when we moved a presumed legit rank from a fakename to his name. In his mind he was innocent as it wasn’t actually him who passed the finish line. He “only” created a botted save-game and then gave it away.. However, after further digging we found more cheated ranks.

As a consequence, he will be name-banned for 2 months. The length of the ban will be increased should it be deemed necessary.

We estimate that he actively botted from 01.01.2018 to 30.04.2018. Due to the amount of potentially cheated relevant ranks (104 rank 1s and 34 rank 2-5s), we have decided to take special messurements. All of his top 5 Dummy, Solo and Race ranks he made during that time were deleted. Allthough it may seem contradicting to our philosophy of not deleting legit ranks, this is the only way we can preserve the integrity and competitiveness of our rank system. Manually verifying ~150 ranks is simply not possible.

See the forum thread for further information and discussion.