Happy Halloween!


As you can see, DDNet also celebrates Halloween. That’s why we have prepared several attractions to provide you with a creepy atmosphere. It’s a good time to have fun with your friends on our servers, so get dressed up and join one of these Halloween servers:

  • GER: ger.ddnet.org:8344
  • GER2: ger2.ddnet.org:8344
  • RUS: rus.ddnet.org:8344
  • USA: usa.ddnet.org:8344
  • CAN: can.ddnet.org:8344
  • CHN: chn.ddnet.org:8344
  • Brazil: bra.ddnet.org:8344
  • South Africa: zaf.ddnet.org:8344

to play 5 well known, but redesigned maps. Event is available from 2015-10-30 to 2015-11-01.