DDNet 12.7 with easier Hammer on Unfreeze


DDNet 12.7 has been released today with the following highlights:

  • [Server] Allow to hammer directly on unfreeze. Previously, this was only doable with frame-perfect input if you were going to get frozen again the next tick. Now, you only have to hold your hammer to immediately hammer once you get unfrozen.
  • [Client] Numbers centered for OpenGL 3.3 [Andrii]
  • [Client] Add tunezone prediction [trml]
  • [Client] Add toggle keyboard shortcuts button to demo player [jao]
  • [Client] Don't highlight window when playing demo
  • [Client] Fix keeping tmp replay demo file on map change [archimede67]
  • [Client] Fix skin reset [jao]
  • [Editor] Add a saner way to select angles [Learath2]
  • [Server] Fix telegun save [Ryozuki]
  • [Server] Handle 0 star random map votes [jao]
  • [Server] Fix filescore path [ChillerDragon]
  • [Server] Mark players as afk initially [Learath2]
  • [Server] Fix show_ips to show regular formatting

You can download DDNet 12.7 on our download page and see the full changes on GitHub.