Grim Reaper finished


Grim Reaper by Pulsar has finally been finished 4 months after its release:

Grim Reaper

by Pulsar

Difficulty: ★★★★★, Points: 50
Grenade Rifle Deep Freeze No Hit Super Jumps
2 tees finished
1 team finished (biggest team: 2)

Team Records:

1.20:13N9mkOik & Vendetta

Watch the insanely hard run by the Russian pros N9mkOik & Vendetta:

The only other 50 points map is Adrenaline 4 by Silex, which has only been finished by one team on GER and one on Chile, each with times of over 5 hours:

Adrenaline 4

by Silex

Difficulty: ★★★★★, Points: 50
Solo Shotgun Grenade Rifle Deep Freeze No Hit
9 tees finished
2 teams finished (biggest team: 7)

On Solo server the recently released Memento mori by Starkiller is still unfinished:

Memento mori

by Starkiller

Difficulty: ★★★★★, Points: 20
Shotgun Grenade Rifle Deep Freeze
0 tees finished