DDNet 9.2 has been released


DDNet 9.2 has been released with the following changes:

  • [Client] Add quick search for skin selection (by timakro)
  • [Server] No respawn delay on suicide else possiblity to respawn instantly by firing (by HMH)
  • [Client] Fix memory leak that occured when playing with dummy
  • [Client] Fix: Move kill messages down in case fps is shown (by timakro)
  • [Server] Veto right applies to people who are on a server instead of in a race for a long time
  • [Server] New config option sv_join_vote_delay=1 if true you have to wait 60 seconds after joining until you can vote, doesn't apply when joining empty servers (by heinrich5991)
  • [Server] New config option sv_server_info_per_second=50 to control how many complete server info responses are maximal sent per second, fixes DoS vulnerability (by heinrich5991)
  • [Translation] Tons of additions to the chinese language (by awaysoft)
  • [Translation] Improve catalan translation (by Ryozuki)

Full list of git changes