DDNet 12.0 Release


DDNet 12.0 has been released with the following highlights:

  • [Client] Server browser tab for KoG servers
  • [Client] Mark official DDNet & KoG servers with a ✓ (graphic by ┇»MíM«┇)
  • [Client] Autocomplete chat commands starting with /
  • [Client] Fix rendering glyphs not in font
  • [Client] Color authed players in spec
  • [Client] Don't ask to quit without good reason (cl_confirm_quit_time)
  • [Client] Ask to disconnect (dummy) when race time is high (cl_confirm_disconnect_time)
  • [Server] Exclude current map on random map votes [jao]
  • [Server] Add vote_unmute and vote_mutes [Ryozuki]
  • [Server] Fix updating nameban reason [jao]
  • [Server] Don't enforce own votes when moderating [jao]
  • [Server] Only print team join message when not in team already
  • [Editor] Add non-destructive brush drawing mode [jao]
  • [Editor] Add shortcut to add quad/sound at mouse position [jao]
  • [Editor] Don't rotate static game tiles and fix switch rotation [jao]
  • [Editor] Allow editing texture UV offsets in quad properties [Bojidar]
  • As usual, lots of minor fixes

You can download DDNet 12.0 on our download page and see the full changes on GitHub.