DDNet 11.0 Release


After a long time DDNet 11.0 has finally been released today with the following highlights:

  • Emoji support in chat [CookieMichal]
  • OpenGL 3 graphics support for better zooming out [Jupeyy]
  • Teehistorian: record player inputs on server [heinrich5991]
  • Ghost and demo recorder rework (teerace compatible) [Redix]
  • /pause [name] and /spec [name] to watch a specific player immediately
  • Improve server browser spoofing protection [heinrich5991]
  • More customizable HUD options (cl_showemotes, cl_shownotifications, cl_show_chat_system)
  • Rcon moderate mode [Ryozuki]
  • Reconnecting doesn't unmute you anymore
  • FNG mod entities [noby]
  • Fix crashes in client and server

You can download DDNet 11.0 on our download page and see the full changes on GitHub.