DDHOSTED is a brand of DDNET Solutions – that has been selling dedicated servers and web hosting services since 2006.
Due to high demand by our current customers in conjunction with our extensive years of experience in server hosting arena, we decided to extend our service line for you.
Our main focus is providing you with a fast, stable and secure network while at the same time offering you a remarkably good value for your money.

Server Administration
Dedicated Servers
Privacy Protection
Dedicated Servers



Server and network administration
With a 10 years experience in server and network administration for various Internet providers in USA, Europe and Asia,

DDNet designed a wide range of utilities to ease the administration, the monitoring and the control over servers and equipments specific to an Internet Service Provider.
Starting from optimized installations of operating systems to creating redundant systems for Internet access, the DDNet team offers you a centralized management solution with the highest standards.



DDSEC is an IT security consulting firm that provides the most efficient and reliable IT solutions and consulting services to all of our clients.
Currently, our team consists of talented developers, very experienced technicians and specialized consultants who can analyze your setup, make recommendations, and assist you in implementing an efficient and cost-effective solution for your company.

Server Monitoring and Service availability
Web Applications Scanning
Vulnerability Scanning
Penetration Testing
Denial-of-Service (DoS) Testing
Remote Testing
Security audits



Accessibility means that users of any kind, using any device, should have access to the essential information that is contained on your web site. The information is the key.

Web Design
Web Hosting
Web Audit
Android/iOS Application Development
Virtual Private Server
Virtual Private Network
Dedicated Server