DDNet 9.3 has been released


DDNet 9.3 has been released with the following changes:

  • [Server] New unlock team tile which unlocks the team if one of the teammembers touches it, already added to a lot of dummy maps
  • [Server] The server congratulates you to your DDNet birthday if you join a server on the day you finished your first map
  • [Client] Fix: No antiping in demo player or when spectating
  • [Client] Optimize PNGs in filesize
  • [Server/Client] Fix: Hammer hit isn't predicted by antiping when hammer is off
  • [Server] Killer of locked team will get strong hook on respawn (by HMH)
  • [Server] sv_hide_score now also hides the answer of /rank and /teamrank to everyone except the requester
  • [Translation] Add persian language (by OneShadow)
  • [Translation] Add font support for chinese, japanese, korean in the language list (by awaysoft)

Full list of git changes