DDNet 9.1 has been released


If you are on Windows you have to download the new version manually otherwise your client will break!

DDNet 9.1 has been released with the following changes:

  • [Client] Add selection of eye emotes to the emote selector (#317, #373)
  • [Server] Add a new rcon access level "helper" (#356)
  • [Client] Add config option `cl_save_settings` that can disable saving the config on closing (#352)
  • [Client] Add config option `cl_text_entities` to disable slow rendering of entities with text (#340)
  • [Client] Fix a constant in the UTF-8 decoder (#332)
  • [Client] Fix an envelopes bug (#339)
  • [Client] Fix antiping config handling, stop subconfigs from resetting on restart (#333)
  • [Client] Fix background map setting in 5:4 resolution (ecc9cbfe)
  • [Client] Fix dummy input behaving weirdly sometimes (#364)
  • [Client] Fix game layer rendering depending on the order they appear in the map (#343)
  • [Client] Fix the UI of the "Vanilla Skins only" setting (24f97361)
  • [Client] Fix the menu music playing ingame (#350)
  • [Client] Fix weapon rotation around the top (#369)
  • [Client] Increase width of the date column in the demo browser (865d5095)
  • [Client] Replace `cl_show_new_skins` and `cl_show_custom_skins` with `cl_vanilla_skins_only` (ed49e321)
  • [Client] Reset stat scoreboard when the game restarts (#366)
  • [Client] Securely generate the random client port (#396)
  • [Client] Stop the ingame server browser from reloading when clicking a tab again (#342)
  • [Development] Add NetBSD support (522c4133, from vanilla #1165)
  • [Development] Cross-compile improvements (fca4c112, d4fe267c)
  • [Development] Fix MySQL building on OS X (#317)
  • [Development] Fix linking of libdl on some systems (3f094bf..596ee341)
  • [Development] Make OS X build forward compatible (#361)
  • [Editor] Fix crash when opening files without transparency information, i.e. RGB instead of RGBA (aa4bbed1)
  • [Server/Client] Add description to console command arguments (#389)
  • [Server/Client] Allow setting config variables to the empty string (2874e18c)
  • [Server] Add a config option `sv_dragger_range` to adjust the range of draggers (#323)
  • [Server] Add a config option `sv_sql_create_tables` to not try to create the record tables if they don't exist (336e9165)
  • [Server] Add a message that specifies who killed a race team (#367)
  • [Server] Add an option to reload the map once the server becomes empty (#355)
  • [Server] Don't reset timeout protection status on rejoin (d1c05515)
  • [Server] Fix a thread handle leak on Windows (74879237)
  • [Server] Fix name equality checking a few times (#385, #386)
  • [Server] Only log name changes when the name actually changes (f20a6a49)
  • [Server] Security: Fix registering vulnerability (#359)