DDNet 12.1 Release


DDNet 12.1 has been released with the following highlights:

  • [Client] Colored ping in scoreboard [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] Color for your clan in scoreboard [Ryozuki]
  • [Client] Console command color_from_rgb to convert colors into TW formats
  • [Client] Handle failures while updating
  • [Client] Add ctrl-a/ctrl-e navigation in console [ChillerDragon]
  • [Client] Fix Home/End keys in console
  • [Client] cl_mouse_min_distance to keep mouse at a minimum distance from center of screen
  • [Client] Enable gun sound by default again
  • [Client] Allow faster demo playback
  • [Editor] Notify about chat mentions [jao]
  • [Editor] Fix nondestructive mapping mode with hookthroughs [jao]
  • [Editor] More accurate world offset calculation [jao]
  • [Server] Display playerflags and DNSBL in rcon status command
  • [Server] Don't show IPs in rcon console by default, enable with show_ips 1
  • [Server] Save telegun on /save [Ryozuki]
  • [Server] Make timestamp consistent for every member of team in final ranks
  • [Server] Display unicode names like 😶 correctly when returned from database
  • [Server] Fix crash when draggers don't have a number [jao]
  • Many minor fixes and improvements

You can download DDNet 12.1 on our download page and see the full changes on GitHub.