DDNet 10.0 has been released


DDNet 10.0 has been released with the following changes:

  • [Client] Switched to SDL2, allows pasting from clipboard and a better compatibility with new environments (mostly by swick & oy)
  • [Server/Client] Add a faster and easier to use hookthrough tile, read the tutorial (by timakro)
  • [Client] Added overlay entities support for other gametypes including OpenFNG and Race (by Soreu & timakro)
  • [Client] Update mapping and overlay entities (by Soreu)
  • [Client] Add client setting cl_show_local_time_always=0 if true show the current time ingame at the top of the screen
  • [Client] Rename cl_reconnect_ban to cl_reconnect_timeout
  • [Client] Remove cl_reconnect_full and cl_reconnect_full_timeout, set cl_reconnect_timeout or cl_reconnect_full to 0 to deactivate reconnecting now
  • [Client] Add function to remove messages from demo when slicing it
  • [Client] Add client command demo_speed i[speed] to set the demo playing speed
  • [Client] Remove ingame network tab to show browser and ghost tab directly
  • [Client] Show ingame ghost tab only on race servers (by Henningstone)
  • [Client] Alert if layer size is bigger than 1000 to prevent unnecessary huge layers
  • [Client] Add shorcut key F5 or CTRL+R to reload server and demo browser
  • [Client] Make double click work on votes
  • [Client] Key up/down in serverbrowser doesn't change friend list
  • [Client] Make fading border in menu more customizeable (by Soreu & timakro)
  • [Client] Fix: No tab selected when joining server from news page
  • [Client] Fix: gfx_resizable on by default with X11
  • [Server] Add server settings sv_connlimit=4 and sv_connlimit_time=20 to control the number of connections an IP is allowed to do in a timespan
  • [Development] Allow autoupdater to update DLL files (by Learath2)
  • [Editor] Prevent placing unused tiles, mapping for other gametypes requires activating the 'Unused' button now!
  • [Editor] Rearrange editor buttons to fit for 5:4 resolutions and a cleaner look (by timakro)
  • [Mapping] Add map setting sv_deepfly=1 if false deepfly doesn't work anymore, useful for dummy maps (by timakro)
  • [Mapping] Improve automapper for ddnet_tiles.png (by hi_leute_gll)

Full list of git changes

Since DDNet 10.0, if you’re on Linux you need to install SDL2 using your package manager. On Debian and Ubuntu this can be done using sudo apt-get install libsdl2-2.0